Top 100 Richest Actors


The public is always drawn to the glitzy and glamorous film industry. It is not only because the people who work for the movies do their very best to churn out path-breaking motion pictures as a medium of entertainment for us, but also because they manage to make an insane amount of money within show business for themselves.

Even though the fans are duly aware of the fact that pop stars and musicians also make a ton of money, the masses are usually of the opinion that celebrities from the world of movies must, in fact, be the highest-paid ones.

It is not surprising then that some of the most popular cine-stars in the world are indeed worth billions of dollars.

Having said that, we would also like to point out two specific and rather reflective points: First, the film stars who are included on this list are not here solely because of the net income generated through their filmmaking endeavors.

Many of these performers have been super smart with their money and have invested in many other businesses and projects.

Secondly, the rankings of the stars have got little to do with their global popularity or with the box office outcome of their respective feature films.

In fact, our readers would be amazed to know that several actors on this list have seen their box office number games plummet drastically over the years.

Be that as it may, these stars, who are also known for their lavish and often pompous lifestyles, continue to grab eyeballs courtesy of their annual income or cinematic undertakings.

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However, it would not be an exaggeration to assert that some of the actors on this list are perhaps on it because of their years of PR-driven activities.

Now, that does not really mean that they are not as rich as the figures claim to be, but there is an odd possibility of the numbers being fudged to further their image among the fans.

That being said, many of our readers who may have wondered about the exact net worth of their favorite actor would be more than pleased to go through our list.

Therefore, we assemble and bring to you the much-awaited list of the top 100 richest actors in the world.

To make things interesting, we have made this in a list form.

list of the top 100 richest actors in the world

1Jami Gertz$3 Billion
2Tyler Perry$1 Billion
3Jerry Seinfeld$950 Million
4Dwayne Johnson$800 Million
5Shahrukh Khan$715 Million
6Tom Cruise$570 Million
7George Clooney$550 Million
8Robert De Niro$500 Million
9Amitabh Bachchan$455 Million
10Mel Gibson$425 Million
11Adam Sandler$420 Million
12Kevin Hart$450 Million
13Arnold Schwarzenegger$450 Million
14Ryan Seacrest$450 Million
15Jack Nicholson$400 Million
16Tom Hanks$400 Million
17Larry David$400 Million
18Bill Cosby$400 Million
19Jackie Chan$400 Million
20Jennifer Lopez$400 Million
21Mark Wahlberg$400 Million
22Sylvester Stallon$400 Million
23Victoria Principal$400 Million
24Keanu Reeves$380 Million
25Clint Eastwood$375 Million
26Will Smith$350 Million
27Sean Connery$350 Million
28Michael Douglas$340 Million
29Jennifer Aniston$320 Million
30Brad Pitt$300 Million
31Edward Norton$300 Million
32Harrison Ford$300 Million
33Robert Downey Jr$300 Million
34Denzel Washington$280 Million
35Leonardo DiCaprio$260 Million
36Salman Khan$255 Million)
37Bruce Willis$250 Million
38Jessica Biel$250 Million
39Jet Li$250 Million
40Samuel L Jackson$250 Million
41Nicole Kidman$250 Million
42Sandra Bullock$250 Million
43Morgan Freeman$250 Million
44Michelle Pfeiffer$250 Million
45Kevin Costner$250 Million
47Julia Roberts$250 Million
49Julia Louis Dreyfus$250 Million
50John Travolta$250 Million
51Akshay Kumar$240 Million
52Vin Diesel$225 Million
53Ray Romano$200 Million
54Alain Delon$200 Million
56Johnny Depp$200 Million
57Denzel Washington$190 Million
58Jorge Garcia$185 Million
59Mike Myers$175 Million
60Robert Redford$170 Million
61John Travolta$160 Million
62Anthony Hopkins$160 Million
63Jim Carrey$150 Million
63Morgan Freeman$150 Million
64Sean Penn$150 Million
65Al Pacino$145 Million
66John Slattery$145 Million
67Saif Ali Khan$140 Million
68Ashton Kutcher$140 Million
69Sacha Baron Cohen$130 Million
70Chris Hemsworth$130 Million
71Rowan Atkinson$150 Million
72Charlie Sheen$125 Million
73Kelsey Grammer$120 Million
74Ben Stiller$120 Million
75Martin Lawrence$110 Million
76Steve Martin$110 Million
77David Hasselhoff$110 Million
78Daniel Radcliffe$110 Million
79Andy Lau$105 Million
80Richard Gere$100 Million
81Bob Saget$100 Million
82Andrew Shue$100 Million
83Bradley Cooper$100 Million
84William Shatner$100 Million
85Hugh Jackman$100 Million
86Robert Pattinson$100 Million
87Kamal Haasan$100 Million
88Alexander Ludwig$97 Million
89Jared Leto$90 Million
88Mark Harmon$90 Million
89Tommy Lee Jones$85 Million
90Eddie Murphy$85 Million
91Karl Urban$80 Million
92Tim Allen$80 Million
93Channing Tatum$80 Million
94Kevin James$80 Million
95Shashi Kapoor$80 Million
96Hugh Grant$80 Million
97Matthew McConaughey$77 Million
98Nick Nolte$75 Million
 99Tobey Maguire$75 Million
 100Matt Damon$75 Million
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