Sean duffy net worth: career, family, child’s health& election


Sean Duffy net worth is currently estimated at around $9 million made from his several years in the media, law, sports, and politics.

This article won’t be about Sean Duffy net worth only but also about his career, family, election rigging allegations, and his child’s health.

Who is Sean Duffy?

Sean Duffy is a media personality, legal practitioner, and politician affiliated with the republican party who has been in the news so many times for making controversial statements.


Full Name Sean Patrick Duffy
Date of birth October 3, 1971
Age 51years
Profession Legal practitioner, Politician, Media Personality
Wife Rachel Campos
Children 9
Political party Republican
Net worth $ 9 million

Early life

Born into a very large family in Wisconsin state, where he had his early and high school education before proceeding to obtain a bachelor’s degree from St. Mary’s University.

He then went on to get a Juris Doctor from the William Mitchell College of law which makes him a qualified legal practitioner.


Media Career

Sean just like fellow political colleague Arnold Schwarzenegger began his career as an actor and made his first on-screen appearance in the television series real world: Boston playing the role of a lawyer. Sean then participated onscreen gameshow Real world/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the season and emerged as the winner.

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He then took up the role of color commentary on ESPN where he shared his views on sport-related matters and also gave deep insights into what goes on behind the game.

Sean then worked as a conservative contributor on the television network CNN where he gained huge notoriety for always passing controversial statements. He then joined Fox news where he always shared his two cents about issues relating to politics and always defended the Trump administration.

Political career

Sean who has always been a strong supporter of the Republican party was given the role of the District Attorney due to his background in legal affairs. He held the position for six good new years before taking up the role of a representative for the Wisconsin district which he won by a huge margin after voting.

Despite being the people’s favorite he was heavily criticized when he failed to cut down his salary after a role was passed to cut down people’s own.

He also received a lot of backlashes when he threw his weight behind Trump’s decision to ban Muslim countries from entering the USA. Their reason was that most of these Muslim nations were terrorists who posed a huge threat if allowed into the country, the action didn’t sit well with many government appointees and world leaders who criticized it heavily.

He resigned after eight years to attend to her newly born daughter who was suffering from serious health condition.

Meet his wife and children

Born Rachel Campos on October 22, 1971, she had career stints as an actress before proceeding to work as a host for the Fox news network.

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On the show, she and her colleagues share their views on political matters and have gained huge notoriety for always attacking the democratic party. Rachel is also popular for always throwing shots at President Joe Biden and using all sorts of unprintable words on him.

She met her husband Sean on the set of the Real world television series where they started dating. They are currently blessed with nine children.

Sean Duffy’s election rigging allegation

Sean accused Billionaire George Soros of aiding in the rigging of elections in favor of the democratic due to his good relationship with Hilary Clinton.

He alleged that the Billionaire’s technology company Smartmatic is on the move of rigging the election, the company’s CEO later came out to debunk the claims. The CEO also said the company doesn’t belong to George Soros nor does he have shares in it.

Sean Duffy child health

Sean’s 9th born child was born with a heart condition and down syndrome which demanded immediate health attention.

She underwent surgery to correct the condition which Sean later came on social media to thank his fans and healthcare workers who made it possible.

Sean duffy net worth

Sean duffy net worth is currently $ 9 million made him many years onscreen as a media personality and also a politician. He was making a huge sum of $ 174,000 during his time as representative for Wisconsin which was very good money for him.

He also made millions from his book ”All American Christmas” which he wrote with his wife, the book topped the list as one of the highest-selling books in the USA.

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Some FAQs about Sean Duffy

How did sean duffy meet his wife?

They met on set of reality series real world.

how many children does sean duffy have?

She currently has nine children.

what is sean duffy political party?

He is a member of the Republican party.