Jermell Charlo wife: Chy Westbrook career, family and net worth


Jermell Charlo Wife Chy Westbrook can be touted as one of the most hardworking partners of sportsmen. The young lady is always spotted cheering on her husband during fights.

In our article today, we shall look at Chy Westbrook’s early life, career, family, and past relationship.

Who is Jermell Charlo wife?

Jermell Charlo wife is Chy Westbrook is a Hawaiian damsel who has managed to steal the heart of boxer Jermell Charlo.

Much isn’t known about her career but she is rumored to be a very hardworking lady.


Full Name Chy Westbrook
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Nationality American
Profession Unknown
Husband Jermell Carlo
Brother-in-law Jermall Charlo
Father-in-law Kevin Charlo
Children three
Net worthUnknown

Early life

Born and raised in Hawaii, Chy was raised under the tutelage of her parents and siblings.

Much information isn’t known about her date of birth and family as she is a very private person when it comes to such issues.


Chy’s actual career isn’t yet known but she is known to be very active on Instagram where she loves to share pictures of herself and her family.

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She is also a huge fan of her husband and has been sighted several times cheering on him at fights.


Meet his Husband

Jermell Charlo is a record-breaking black American boxer who currently has a record of 35 wins out of his 37 fights. Born to an ex-boxer father Kevin Charlo who instilled in him a passion for boxing, Jermell started fighting at a very young age.

He drew huge inspiration from his dad anytime he saw him training for a fight although his career was just an amateur one.

To better his boxing skills, he trained at Savannah Boxing Club where boxing trainer Ronnie shields who is globally known to have groomed the likes of the legendary Evander Holyfield and Raul Marquez worked.

Through constant practice and determination, Jermell was able to master many boxing tricks which made him fit to compete at tournaments.

Jermell’s dream to be a boxer took off early due to having a very good manager Shelly Finkel who had strong ties with Golden boy promotions.

At the professional level, Jermell defeated several boxers with the exception of Tony Harrison who made him taste the first defeat of his career. He also had a draw match with Brian Castano.

Due to his defensive and excellent footwork in the ring, his fights normally attract millions of people to come and watch.

Meet her children

Chy is a proud mother of three children one girl and two boys. She had her first two from her previous marriage and has a son with Jermell.

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Meet his brother in law

Jermall Charlo is the twin and older brother of Chy’s husband Jermell Charlo. He was born on May 19, 1990, to an ex-amateur boxer. His father has been one of the strongest pillars in his boxing career.

Unlike his twin Jermell, Jermall is known to be very fierce and strong in the ring and has recorded 32 wins with no losses in his career.

Jermall dream of fighting at big arenas was almost shuttered by an injury but a connection with boxing broker Al Haymon changed the story.

Inspired by his brother’s success, Jermall trained hard and won his first to the amazement of Al Haymon. Jermall then decided to fight at the middleweight where he never lost a match nor had a draw.

Just like his twin, Jermall is happily married to his high school sweetheart Shantel who has been with her through thick and thin.

A hardworking woman, Shantel works as a licensed esthetician who treats facial problems. She is also an entrepreneur who owns Journey hair products, a hair care company that solves people’s hair problems and promotes natural hair growth.

Shantel has a huge following on her Instagram page where she usually markets her business.

Together the couple is blessed with five kids.

Chy Westbrook net worth

Since much isn’t known about her career, her net worth is not also available to the public.

But her husband Jermell Charlo is reportedly worth over $3 million.

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Some FAQs about Jermell Charlo Wife

what is the name of Jermell Charlo Wife?

She is called Chy Westbrook.

how many kids does Jermell Charlo Wife have?

She has three kids, two from previous relationship and one with Jermell.

what does Jermell Charlo Wife do?

Much isn’t known about her career but she is a strong fan of her husband.

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