Akie Abe net worth: career, Husband assassination and scandal


Akie Abe net worth as of 2023 stands at $ 5 million thanks to her many years in the DJing occupation.

In today’s write up we shall look at Akie Abe net worth alongside her career, her husband’s assassination, LGBTQ endorsement, and, land scandal.

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Who is Akie Abe?

Akie is a Japanese Dj who gained huge notoriety after her marriage to the late Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe.

She is noted for also making controversial statements and has been involved in scandals.


Full Name Akie Abe
Date of birth June 10, 1962
Age 60 years
Occupation Dj, Activist
Nationality Japanese
Partner Shinzo Abe
Children None
Father Akio Matsuzaki
Net worth $ 5 million

Early life

Akie was born on June 10, 1962, to Akio Matsuzaki, a former president of Morinaga Company a popular Japanese conglomerate focused on producing food items.

Akie had all her education up to the master’s level in Japan graduating with a master’s in Social design studies.


She began her work life at Dentsu Company, a Japanese Advertising company that works with media companies with branches scattered all over the country.

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She then left and started a profession in Dj where she gained huge prominence due to her incredible skills when in front of the console. Akie became the people’s favorite and became the most sort after.

Akie then branched into hospitality where she opened her beverage bar that sold alcoholic and non-acholic beverages in the locality.

LGBTQ and cannabis endorsement

Despite her, later husband occupying an enviable position as a prime minister, Akie has on several occasions shown her support to many activities her husband didn’t agree with.

The most famous one was when she openly threw her weight behind the LGBTQ society. Akie joined them during the celebration of their festival and pictures of the events circulated on social media.

Akie later posed for pictures inside a cannabis plantation as a means of endorsing it into the Japan country.


Akie also made headlines after ignoring ex-American president Trump during the G-20 global forum with the excuse of not being able to express herself in English.

Due to her strong opposing views, she was nicknamed the ‘domestic opposition party’ as he always challenged her husband when he takes a decision.

Akie publicly opposed the idea of her husband selling Japan’s nuclear power plants to other countries an act in which she had the support of the majority of the citizens. She stated proceeds from nuclear power should rather be invested in renewable energy projects.

Akie also backed a group of South Korean demonstrators who disagreed with the development of a local US marine site that had the endorsement of her husband.

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Land scandal

In 2017, Akie had her name involved in a land sale scandal for the expansion of the Moritomo Gakuen educational center.

The owner of the school who was rumored to be a very good friend of Akie had a large acre of land sold to her and was even set to make Akie the honorary principal.

The action didn’t sit well with the opposition party who called for her to appear before the parliamentary committee for scrutiny.

Meet her Family

Her Father

Born Akio Matsuzaki on January 2, 1931, in Japan. Akio had all her education in Japan graduating from Rikkyo University.

He was given the role of president of Japan’s longest-existing manufacturing company Morinaga Company focused on producing food items.

He married Emiko and had their only daughter Akie.

Her Husband and his death

Born Shinzo Abe on September 21, 1954, in Japan. He came from a background which was politically bound and his decision to venture into it was greatly influenced by them.

Shinzo held many political positions including a member of the house rep, Chief cabinet and prime minister.

During her tenure as a prime minister, she was involved in several controversies which didn’t sit well with his people.

Shinzo and his wife were never able to have children of their own despite trying many medical remedies.

He was shot whilst on the podium endorsing his party member Kei Sato for the House of Councilor seat. Shinzo was pronounced dead on his arrival at the hospital.

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Akie Abe net worth

Akie Abe net worth currently sits at $ 5 million thanks to her earnings from her days with the advertising brand Dentsu and also her Djing job.

Before her marriage, she was one of the hottest DJs in Japan and was always billed for programs. She also made good money from her bar business.

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Some FAQs about Akie Abe

how many children does akie abe have?

Akie Abe has no children of her own after trying many medical procedures to get one.

what happened to Akie abe’s husband?

Shinzo Abe was shot whilst delivering a speech on 8th June,2022.

who is akie abe’s father?

He is Akio Matsuzaki a former president of Morinaga company.