“Work went well in the beginning.” Nana Acheampong has detailed the Lumba Brothers’ parting ways.


“Work went well in the beginning.” Nana Acheampong has detailed the Lumba Brothers’ parting ways. A recent revelation that rocked Ghana’s music business revealed the actual reasons behind the breakup between highlife legend Nana Acheampong and his former music collaborator, Daddy Lumba, three decades ago.

Nana Achampong

He claims that the well-known Ghanaian music group, the Lumba Brothers, broke up to pursue individual careers rather than due to discord.

Nana Acheampong stated in a May 4, 2024, interview on United Showbiz that although they had started together and were warmly accepted, it was difficult to collaborate because Daddy Lumba had moved to a different place while they were in Germany.

“We had a terrific start to the work, which was well received. Although the audience was upset and assumed something was wrong, we both felt powerful and wanted to go solo for a while. 

It wasn’t working out because he lived so far away, which made it difficult for us to work because of the stress of getting ourselves there. 

“In addition, we saw that we were doing great for ourselves independently, so I proposed we split up and go our ways,” he clarified.

Both succeeded due to this choice, releasing almost 30 albums between them, demonstrating their strength as distinct artists.

They still support one another and have made significant contributions to their nation’s music landscape, according to Nana Acheampong, who emphasized that there is no animosity between them. 

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He has released as many albums as I have, totalling up to thirty. Thus, we have up to 60 albums overall, spanning many genres. We have made positive contributions to the nation,” he informed the show’s host, MzGee.

“We do not have a falling out. He will confirm what I mentioned if you give him a call. We’re still in contact, so neither has insulted the other. Neither have I offended him,” he continued. 

Over the years, Nana Acheampong and Daddy Lumba have created amazing songs individually and as the Lumba Brothers. Fans can expect to hear consistently high-caliber music.

Source: Pulse.gh