Tomasa Guglielmi: bio, her ugly past, and husband’s career


Tomasa Guglielmi is the wife of actor and preacher Noel Gugliemi with whom they have been together for so many years. In our article today, we shall talk about everything to know about Tomasa Guglielmi, her ugly past, and husband’s rise to fame.

Who is Tomasa guglielmi ?

She is the legally wedded wife of fast and furious actor Noel Gugliemi with whom they are blessed with three kids and live a Christian life devoid of controversies.


Full Name Tomasa guglielmi
Date of birthUnknown
Age Unknown
Nationality American
Husband Noel gugliemi
Kids Three
Profession Retired exotic dancer
Net worth unknown

Early life

Born and raised in the USA, she had her education in the USA unfortunately information about her family and school attended is not yet available on the internet.

Career and ugly past

Tomasa was a bit wild in her youthful age and indulged in all sorts of unwanted activities. She worked briefly as an exotic dancer in the nightclub and also indulged in a sexual relationship with her ex-boyfriend even before the age of eighteen.

She also suffered battery in her relationship which affected her mental well-being causing her to call it quits to protect her sanity.

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Tomasa guglielmi networth

Tomasa’s net worth is currently unknown but his husband Noel is worth around $ 750,000 made from his two decades in acting.

How Tomasa met Noel

The lovebirds bumped into each other at a modeling show when they had both come to catch a glimpse of it. They became friends right on spot which Tomasa was marveled at Noel’s strong religious principles and also his love for God’s work. Noel also realized Tomasa was her dream woman because of her non-materialistic nature and also her readiness to support his dreams.

They tied the knot in 2008 and are currently blessed with three kids. Noel who doubles as a preacher has instilled the fear of God in his kids and makes sure they don’t go wayward.

His husband and his hustle to stardom

Noel was born in 1970 and raised in California to Mexican parents who had settled in America to seek greener pastures. He couldn’t experience parental care and love because of being forsaken at a very young age leading to him sleeping on the streets. He then joined a gang of criminals who engaged in all kinds of felonious activities to feed themselves.

His turning point came when he accompanied his partner to a movie set and caught the eye of one producer who made his first onscreen appearance a possibility by featuring him in a project which he delivered beyond expectation. He then started getting call-ups for movies in which most of the roles assigned to him were gangster roles a clear picture of his past. It was much easier for him and didn’t face any hurdles as he use to portray that character some years back in real life.

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Noel had his first biggest role in ”The fast and furious” movie in which he played the character of hector a racer coordinator. He was privileged to act alongside Vin diesel, Paul Walker, and Michelle Rodriguez. He has also had the chance in acting alongside comedians Martin Lawrence and Jim Carrey.

Beyond his gangster character in front of the camera, noel is one of the most God-fearing actors to come by. The actor says his decision to turn to God was influenced by a preacher friend who ministered the word of God to him. He says since then he experienced a lot of life-changing miracles in his life and deemed it right to also preach to others. Noel travels around in his spare time ministering the word of God to people at various organizations and also educating them against the dangers of drugs and crime.

He is very active Instagram with the handle name actornoelg

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Some FAQs about Tomasa Guglielmi

what does tomasa guglielmi do now?

Her current occupation is not known but she usually follows her husband when going to preach.

how old is tomasa guglielmi?

Tomasa’s age isn’t available on the internet.

was noel tomasa guglielmi’s first husband?

No she was a divorcee before meeting Noel.