Lily Rose Depp weight loss: Early life, career, cause of weight loss and family


Lily Rose Depp Weight Loss raised a lot of eyebrows with some alleging making rounds the actress is battling an underlining health issue some also said she is on diet.

In our article today, we will look at the early life of Lily-Rose Depp, her career, her family, and the reason behind Lily rose weight loss.

Spare a few minutes of your time to read as we walk you through

Who is lily rose Depp?

Lily is the daughter of award-winning actor Johnny Depp and actress Vanessa Paradis.

She made her first onscreen appearance with her father who has been one of her biggest inspirations.

Her hard work has earned her several nominations and also endorsement deals.

Some few ago news about Lily rose depp weight loss made headlines.


Full Name Lily-Rose Melody Depp
Date of birth March 27, 1999
Age 23 years
Profession Actress and model
Siblings John Christopher Depp III
Parents Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis
Height 160 cm
Weight 47kg
Net worth $2million

Early life

Born and raised in France to two powerful superstar parents Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. Lily is the couple’s elderly child followed by a boy John Depp III.

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The family lived under the same roof together till their divorce which caused them to both go their separate ways.

Lily couldn’t finish her education due to her strong passion for acting


Lily made her first onscreen appearance in the movie Tusk which he acted alongside his dad. She did well convincing producers to start giving her movie roles, which she then appeared in the Dancers movie. Her performance was top-notch earning her two nominations.

Lily then partnered with senior colleague Priyanka Chopra in her Netflix project ”End of sentence”. The documentary showed how women in India made sanitary pads for commercial purposes and also to ensure hygiene. Due to its being educative, it won the best documentary award.

Lily despite her not soo long years in the industry has managed to work alongside many popular faces including Gary Oldman, Armie Hammer, and Colin Farrell.

Lily Rose Depp Weight loss

Lily lost massive weight a few years ago which she came out to disclose was due to a health issue called anorexia which caused eating disorders. This caused Lily rose Depp weight loss

She was able to overcome it due to medical treatment and also guidance from a nutritionist.

Lily once revealed she is not an exercise freak nor diet conscious but makes sure she consumes a balanced diet always. Since recovering she is mostly seen on her Instagram page consuming meals rich in vitamins and protein.

Since then there rumors about Lily rose Depp weight loss has died.

Lily-rose Depp family

Meet her father

A professional actor and singer, Johnny was born on June 9, 1963. He is on record to be one of the most talented personalities in the entertainment industry.

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With a career that cuts across both music and acting he has been featured in the Guinness book of record as one of the highest-earning actors.

Despite being in the movie industry for over three decades, the actor still got it as his movies Pirates of the Caribbean and Charlie and the chocolate factory emerged one of his highest-grossing movies ever.

Johnny’s live-band performances are always a sight to befall as he is equally talented with the playing of the guitar.

He made headlines in 2022 when his ex-wife Amber head accused him of being an abusive husband during their time of marriage. It led to a court in which Depp won with Amber given a fine to pay.

Meet her mother

Vanessa Paradis is a professional singer and actress born and raised in France on December 22, 1972.

Regarded as one of the pioneers in the France entertainment industry, she has had a successful career spanning over four decades.

Vanessa’s acting and singing skills have also seen her travel all over the world and is a recipient of several awards.

Despite her failed marriage in the past, Vanessa is currently married to French actor Samuel Benchetrit.

Meet her brother

John Depp III is the younger brother of Lily and also his parent’s last born. He was born on April 9, 2002, in France.

Despite both parents and sister making it big in the entertainment space, Johnny prefers to be on a lowkey.

His father once revealed he has a strong passion for drawing and music and hasn’t yet shown interest in acting.

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Net worth

Lilly rose Depp’s net worth is currently estimated at $2 million. Despite being born into a rich family, the young lady has hustled her way to the top.

She makes some good money from her featured movies. She also has a juicy endorsement deal with the perfume brand Chanel which pays her very well.

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Some FAQs about Lily rose Depp

what was the cause of Lily rose depp weight loss?

Lily rose Depp weight loss eating disorder called anorexia.

How many siblings does Lily rose depp have?

She has one younger brother called Johnny Depp III.