Carbomb betty:everything to know about and her sister’s health battle


Carbomb betty is the kid sister of actress Daniella Colby and has pursued a career in entertainment where she worked as a dancer.

In our article, we shall look at everything to know about Carbomb betty and her sister’s health battle.

Who is Carbomb betty?

She is the kid sister of actress and entrepreneur Daniella Colby. She followed in her sister’s footsteps to also pursue a career in entertainment but worked as a dancer.


Real Ann Colby
Also known as Carbomb betty
Date of birth 1980
Age 43 years
Nationality American
Siblings Daniella and Tara
Mother Sue Colby
Husband John Nichols
Children Five
Occupation Dancer, Philanthropist
Net worth $ 300,000

Early life

Born Ann Colby in Iowa states, she was single-handedly raised by her mother Sue Colby alongside her three siblings. Sue was a devoted and strong Jehovah’s witness member who instilled their teachings in all her kids.

Ann had all her education in Iowa graduating with a bachelor’s in psychology. In school, she was part of the school’s dancing team.


She worked as a dancer and performer where she was part of a team that always entertained fans at the theatres. She then picked up the stage name Carbomb betty which she danced together with her sister Danielle.

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After many years of entertaining people with her dancing skills, Carbomb decided to finally call it quits to focus on assisting the needy. Presently she works as a philanthropist where she has gained huge notoriety for assisting people in dire need of financial assistance.

Carbomb betty net worth

Carbomb betty net worth is currently estimated at around $ 300,000 made from her many years in the dancing and performing field. During her days as a dancer, she was billed to perform on several big stages and theatres.

Although not actively working again Carbomb betty has been able to accumulate enough wealth to take care of herself and the family.

Meet Her Family

her husband and children

Carbomb betty is married to businessman John Nichols who owns his roofing company Nichol Roofing. The couple are blessed with five kids with whom they all live together.

Carbomb is close to her family as she seen always posting pictures of their hangouts together on Facebook.

Her Elderly sister

She is Tara Colby Beeber the first of the three girls but took a different career path, unlike her kid sisters who went into entertainment.

Tara studied hospitality in school where she majored in the making of all kinds of assorted dishes and beverages. She has since then been working in the food business for more than a decade where she has held big positions in hospitality firms.

Her Sister Danielle and her health battle

Born Danielle Colby on December 3, 1975, she first began her career as a skater where she participated in several games but was forced to retire due to a life-threatening injury.

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She then began a career as a dancer alongside her kid sister Carbomb where she performed at several theatres. She then formed her own team of dancers who were always billed to come and performed at shows and concerts. Due to their unique way of dancing, they caught the eye of event organizers all across the states and were always traveling back and fro.

She was then featured in the reality program American stickers playing the role of a shop manager and appeared in all the episodes but left along the line due to mutual consent.

Danielle was along the line diagnosed with uterine fibroid which demanded she undergoes a hysterectomy. She posted on her social media telling her fans about how the illness and the pain she has endured.

Danielle is a two-time divorcee as her first marriage to Robert strong folded up after eight despite producing two kids. She remarried graphic designer Alexandre de Meyer which also crashed after a few years. She is currently engaged to Jeremy Scheuch with whom they have been since 2015.

She is very active on Instagram with the name daniellecolbyamericanpicker

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Some FAQs about Carbomb betty

what is carbomb betty real name?

She is called Ann Colby.

what does carbomb betty do now?

She is into charity works where she makes donations to the sick and needy.