Ghostface killah wife:everything to know about her & her husband killing attempt


Ghostface Killah wife Sophia Diggs is a model and legal practitioner who shares a child with the rapper despite their relationship being short-lived.

In today’s article, we shall also look at everything to know about Ghostface Killah wife, husband killing attempt, and his feud with Raekwon.

Who is ghostface killah wife?

She is called Sophia Diggs a model and legal practitioner who has worked with several top brands and also defended clients on several occasions. The couple despite no longer being together share a child.


Full Name Sophia Diggs
Date of birth 5 February 1982
Age 41 years
Nationality American
Brother Robert Fitzgerald Diggs
Ex-partnerGhostface killah
Child Sun god
Profession Model, Legal practitioner
Net worth Unknown

Early life

Sophia was born into a very large family with actor and rapper Robert Diggs being one of her many siblings. Despite their parents not being wealthy, they ensured she and her siblings had a very good upbringing which they were enrolled good schools.

Sophia obtained her first degree in law and also JD in law which makes her fully qualified to practice.


Sophia Diggs began her career as a model under a modeling agency where she was made to shoot several commercials for big brands and also appear in magazines. Some of the big brands she did commercials for are . Diddy’s fashion company Sean john.

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After some time in modeling, she upgraded herself in education and started a career in the legal field where she has since then defended several cases.

Philanthropic work

Sophia has her charity organization called Children literacy society whose main aim is to provide educational facilities and scholarships for less privileged children.

She aims to ensure every child also gets access to quality education.

Sophia Diggs net worth

Sophia Diggs net worth is currently unknown to the public but she is reported to be worth a thousand dollars looking at her past work as a model and currently as a legal practitioner.

During her heydays, she shot commercials for several brands like the fashion line Sean john which paid her millions of dollars.

Sophia also makes good money from her law practice profession as she is very good at defending cases in court.

Meet her brother

Born Roberts Fitzgerald Diggs on July 5, 1969, he uses the showbiz name RZA and has a career spanning over three decades. RZA pursued a career in acting, rapping, and record producing which he has been rated among one of the best producers.

Despite his many success chalked, he was unruly at his younger age and was actively involved in drug activities and shoot someone for trespassing him.

RZA was locked up in the cells for eight years and turned a new leaf after his release.

How did she meet Ghostface Killah?

The ex-lovebirds reportedly met at a hangout which they started as friends before taking it to a dating level. Their relationship became the envy of many although they tried keeping it secret from the public in the beginning.

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They were mostly spotted hanging, out and attending parties together till they parted ways in their third year of dating. They welcomed a son together called Sun god in 2009.

Her ex-partner Ghostface Killah

Born Dennis Coles on May 9, 1970, he first made headlines with THE music group Wu-Tan Clan who gave fans several hits songs. Ghostface exited the group after a few years but was able to succeed thanks to the def jam record label he joined.

Due to his group Wu-Tan Clan being one of the hottest in the music scene, they were envied by a music group that nearly assassinated him by shooting him in the neck. It was a near-death experience but he managed to survive and still has the scar there.

Ghostface killah was involved in a lyrical beef with group member Raekwon before he joined the Wu-Tan Clan group. The pair after years of back and forth patched things up and have since then become very good friends.

He is very active on social media with the name GhostfaceKillah on Twitter.

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Some FAQs about Ghostface killah wife

is ghostface killah still with his wife?

The pair broke up after three years of being together.

is ghosface killah face related to Roberts Fitzgerald Diggs?

Yes Sophia diggs is the blood sister of Robert Fitzgerald diggs.