Marcus Rashford urged to join Chelsea as Erik ten Hag ‘problem’ theory emerges


Chelsea urged to sign Marcus Rashford, after a disappointing season, Marcus Rashford has been asked to depart from Manchester United

England manager Gareth Southgate benched Ashford for Euro 2024 due to his underwhelming performance and low goal total (only eight). After the assailant went out in Belfast without permission, he also had an altercation with employer Erik ten Hag.

Despite only signing a huge new deal last year, rumours have begun to circulate that he could leave this summer due to his poor year. Although Paris Saint-Germain has been mentioned most frequently, he could still end up with a Premier League club.

reason why Chelsea urged to sign Marcus Rashford:

William Gallas, a former Chelsea great, thinks the Blues would be a wonderful fit for Rashford if that’s what he wants to do. Compared to Kylian Mbappe, he thought Rashford would be a better fit for Arsenal. Thus, he insisted the deal would be mutually beneficial.

There will always be talented players looking to join Chelsea, but we need to know if Marcus Rashford wants to leave Manchester United. Gallas told Genting Casino that no one knows why but that it could be because of an issue he has with Erik ten Hag(Manager at Manchester united).

 Chelsea urged to sign Marcus Rashford
Chelsea urged to sign Marcus Rashford (Image: 
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“Rashidford could remain if he departs. When we think of a player like Marcus Rashford, we picture the thrilling youngster who burst onto the scene, bursting at the seams and scoring stunning goals. Although he was very dedicated back then, he has since changed and is no longer the same player.

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He could benefit from a new start with a different club, and Chelsea would provide him with that. Perhaps injuries have been an issue. Kylian Mbappe would struggle to adapt to Arsenal’s style of play and system.

Mbappe wants to be the hero every game, and he’s a brilliant player and perhaps the greatest attacker in the world, but he demands constant possession of the ball. Mbappe wouldn’t be a good match for Arsenal’s style of play because they play as a unit.

In the lead-up to preseason, Rashford decided to take a sabbatical from social media earlier this week. Southgate maintained that Rashford was not good enough this season to go to Germany for Euro 2024 while his old England teammates are getting ready for the tournament.

Good players that have contributed to our success for many years are the ones we’re referring to here. I’ve had more successful seasons with other players in Marcus’s position on the field. He made it sound easy when he picked his team.

Some players were certainly on our radar. Before EURO 2020, we were in a similar position, where gaining additional time would have allowed us to make better decisions and potentially select a more well-rounded team.

Some harm concerns are readily apparent, while others remain unanswered. So far, this group has been the most challenging one I’ve ever chosen. I believe that if we allow ourselves more time, we will be able to make better decisions.

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