Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth: career, relationship and health battle


Gabriel Iglesias net worth is currently $ 40 million which comes from his many years as a stand-up comedian and actor. You can’t compile a list of highest paid comedians and exempt Gabriel Iglesias as he has made a very great impact in the comedy industry. He has made appearances in several movies and also played voice-over roles in animated series. Aside from Gabriel Iglesias net worth, you will also get to know about his early life, career, health battle, and relationship.

Who is Gabriel Iglesias?

Gabriel is an American-born Mexican who has defied the odds to become one of the world’s most successful stand-up comedians and actors. He has through his comedy shows traveled all across the country and is the brain behind Mr. Iglesias comedy series and has also played the voice role in several animated movies.


Full Name Gabriel Jesús Iglesias
Known asGabriel Iglesias
Date of birth July 15, 1976
Nationality American
Weight 198lbs
ParentsEsther P. Mendez and Jesús Iglesias
Siblings Five
Ex-Girlfriend Claudia Valdez
Net worth $ 40 million

early life

Gabriel was born to Mexican immigrants who settled in America on July 15, 1976. He spent his early years in Riverside and Long Beach and was the youngest of his mum’s six kids. Gabriel’s upbringing was quite tough as he didn’t have his dad in his life so was raised single handedly by his mother and elderly siblings.

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To ease the financial burden at home he did odd jobs to keep himself going but had a strong desire to be a comedian a decision that was greatly opposed by his mother and siblings. Gabriel then disobeyed them and started his comedy career which led to him being neglected by his family. He made his first on-screen appearance in the comedy series ”All That” which he acted alongside comedian and rapper Nick Cannon. It gave him huge exposure which had him been giving the voice role in the Family Guy and The Emperor’s New School.

Gabriel suffered one of his biggest career disappointments when he was evicted from the comedy show Last comedy talent for breaking a role. He also served as a host for comedy programs such as Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand Up Revolution. Gabriel’s comedy skills have seen him tour all across the country and had sold-out comedy shows. His exceptionally good voice-over talent has also seen him play the voice in animated series such as Planes, The Nut Job 2:Nutty by Nature, Ugly Dolls, and ShowDogs.

health battle

Due to his obese nature, Gabriel suffers from diabetes, and at a point, he had to cancel his tours around and focus on health. His health deteriorated to a level where his organs became affected and also not getting enough blood circulation through some parts of his body. The medical practitioner who examined him told him he has few years to live. Not wanting to die young he started his serious health regime which he was put under a strict diet and vigorous exercise. Due to that, he has been able to burn a lot of fat from his body.

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Gabriel was previously in a relationship with actress Claudia Valdez whom he dated for more than a decade. Claudia reportedly stood by Gabriel during his health battle and he also assisted her get recognition in the movie industry. Despite their many years of being together they never had kids of their own but Gabriel played a huge fatherly role in his stepson Frankie’s life.

Gabriel Iglesias net worth

Gabriel Iglesias net worth is $ 40 million as of 2023 which comes from his many years as a comedian, actor, and voice-over actor. The comedian of Mexican descent has headlined his comedy concerts which sold out beyond imagination.

He has also toured all across the country and is regarded as one of the highest-paid comedians. His voice-over roles in animated series such as Plane, Ugly Dolls, and Showdogs paid him millions of dollars. He lives in a million-dollar mansion in California and drives a fleet of Volkswagen cars.

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Some FAQS about Gabriel Iglesias

who is gabriel iglesias current girlfriend?

He is currently single after breakup from Claudia.

does gabriel iglesias have kids?

No but he is a step-father to Frankie his ex-girl’s son.