Lionel Messi seems dissatisfied with the new MLS regulation


Lionel Messi seems dissatisfied with the new MLS regulation because he must wait on the sidelines before entering the field again. After an injury check, Lionel Messi was not allowed to return to the field immediately due to a new Major League Soccer regulation, which made him look upset.

Messi was off the field on Saturday when Inter Miami was behind Montréal 2-0 and needed someone to take a free kick.

After being tackled by defender George Campbell in the first half, which resulted in the awarding of a free kick, the Argentine received treatment on the field before leaving. This circumstance enabled the application of the MLS’s “Off-Field Treatment Rule,” which was unveiled in April.

Per the regulations, “The referee will halt play and wave the medical staff onto the field to assess the player if a player with a suspected injury is on the ground for more than 15 seconds.

As soon as it is safe, the player will be taken off the field and kept off it for at least two minutes to receive additional evaluation and care.

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Lionel Messi seems dissatisfied with the new MLS regulation (Getty Image)

Unable to rejoin the field, Messi turned to face a sideline TV camera, shook his head, and said in Spanish, “With these types of rules…” The moment was widely shared on social media.

On the other hand, Matías Rojas did not miss the free kick, as he scored in the top-right corner to cut the lead to 2-1 and start a comeback.

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Ultimately, Miami triumphed 3-2, marking their fifth straight league victory and extending their winning streak to seven games. On one night, when Messi failed to reach the net, the other scorers were Luis Suárez and Benjamin Cremaschi.

Miami coach Gerardo Martino told reporters following the game that specific regulations “must be revised.”

According to the regulation book, the two-minute rule would not have applied if Campbell had been given a yellow or red card for fouling Messi.

According to the rule, “Exceptions to the Off-Field Treatment Rule include potential head injuries, injuries to goalkeepers, serious medical events, and fouls that result in yellow or red cards.”

Martino stated, “In Leo’s case, he was fouled,” according to ESPN. “The player should have received a yellow card, meaning Messi would have been on the field for two minutes.”

I gather that the team that committed the foul was penalized. Certain scenarios need to be updated in light of the new regulations. We lost Leo for two minutes because of the clear offense that resulted in a yellow card. 

Source: CNN