O.J. Simpson Net Worth: career, divorce, legal suit and jail


O.J. Simpson net worth is currently $ 3 million despite the many legal battles he has faced in the past years which made him end up in jail. Despite having a very enviable career in NFL and making good fortune out of it, the legendary athlete in the latter part of his life faced many problems that made him financially handicapped.

In our article today, we shall look at O.J. Simpson net worth alongside his early life, career, divorce, legal suit and jail. After reading the article, you find the aftermath of his jail sentence.

Who is O.J. Simpson?

He is a retired NFL player, actor, and businessman, who found himself in the grips of the law due to many criminal charges.


Full Name Orenthal James Simpson
Known asO.j Simpson
Date of birth July 9, 1947
Age76 years
Profession Retired Nfl player, actor, businessman
Crime Murder
Height 1.85m
Weight 96kg
Partner Marguerite L. Whitley(m;1967div;1979),Nicole Brown(m;1985div;1992)
Children Arnelle, Jason Lamar, Aaren Lashone, Sydney Brooke, Justin Ryan
Net worth $ 3 million

early life

O.J. was born Orenthal James Simpson on July 9, 1947 to Jimmy Lee a banker turned crossdresser and Eunice a clinic manager. His parents divorced when he was still young with his father who later came out of the closet as a homosexual. He later passed away after contracting AIDS and was brought up fully by his mother.

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O.J. at one point joined a group of bad boys who engaged in social vices which ended him up in cells on several occasions. He turned a new leaf and went back to school graduating from the University of Southern California on scholarship.


O.J.’s career started his football career when he was in high school which helped him secure a scholarship to the University. In the university, he won the best player award on several occasions and helped his school team emerge winners in tournaments.

He signed his first mouth-watering contract worth thousands of dollars with the Buffalo Bills on a five-year deal. Before the signing of the contract, he had a little misunderstanding with the team owner Ralph Wilson who had a problem with the high salary he was requesting. O.J.’s first three seasons weren’t rosy as expected by the team management due to the fact of not being able to give off his best.

He began improving as the years went by with 1,000 yards, 1,817 yards, and scoring 16 touchdowns. He was later traded to the San Francisco 49ers due to being injury prone and played for only two years before finally returning from the game. At San Francisco 49ers,O.j had 1,053 yards and four touchdowns.

O.J. who has always loved to be in the entertainment world acting to be precise also had the chance of appearing in several movie projects. He was part of the movie Roots, The Klansman, and The Naked Gun.

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marriage and divorce

O.J. was married to Marguerite L. Whitley his high school sweetheart at the age of 19 which lasted for 12 years and produced three kids namely Arnelle, Jason, and Aaren Lashone. He then married Nicole Brown which lasted seven years with two kids Sydney Brooke and Justin Ryan. Nicole accused him of domestic abuse during their marriage. She was later stabbed to death with O.J. being the prime suspect in the crime of it

Legal Battle And Jail

Despite having a very enviable career O.J.’s life after football was hit with countless charges including murder, assault, and theft. He was arrested and charged with murder for having a hand in the death of his ex-wife Nicole and friend Ronald Goldman who were stabbed. During the court hearing of the case, he was ordered to compensate the family of Goldman a huge amount of money with some of his properties being sold to raise money.

He was jailed for nine imprisonment before finally being put on parole and then released due to exhibiting a good attitude. O.J. was also arrested for having stolen stuff in his possession after police raided his home in search of drugs. He was also charged with having stolen weapons such as a gun in his possession.

O.J. Simpson net worth

O.J. Simpson net worth currently sits at $ 3 million despite the many endorsement deals he had in his prime. The legendary player was the face of top brands such as Hertz where he served as their spokesman, and also TreeSweet orange juice, Napa Naturals soft drinks, and Wilson footballs.

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Due to the strong brand he had back then his image was able to generate million of sales for companies who associated themselves with him. O.J. made smart investments in the hospitality sector with investments in restaurants, and real estate but lost all due to the many court charges and also divorce settlements. His $575,000 mansion in Miami was destroyed during his court trial. O.J. Simpson net worth would have been billions if not the challenges he faced.

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Some FAQS about O.J. Simpson

who is o.J. simpson current partner?

Much is not known about his current relationship status.

is o.J. simpson still in jail?

No he was released in 2021.