Adin Ross net worth: early life, career, and ban from Twitch


Adin Ross net worth is $ 24 million as of 2023 made from the lives streaming profession and also YouTube channels. Regardless of his troublesome nature, the 22-year-old chap has been able to accumulate a good amount of wealth for himself and his family.

Today we shall look at Adin Ross net worth in addition to his early life, career, assassination attempt, and ban from Twitch. Sit back as I take you through the life story of one of the most troublesome YouTubers.

Who is adin ross?

Adin is a young YouTuber and live streamer who live streams sports-related videos and adventure games. Through his live-streaming profession, he has had the honor of interacting with Canadian rapper Drake, Kanye west and Lebron James. He has been also tagged as controversial making a lot of celebs not wanting to be associated with him.


Full Name Adin David Ross
Also known asAdin Ross
Date of birthOctober 11, 2000
Age23 years
Nationality American
Profession Live streamer, Youtuber
Sister Naomi Ross
Girlfriend Pamela Ghherafi
YouTube channel@AdinRoss
Net worth $24 million

early life

Born and raised in the USA in the Florida state to be specific, Adin was raised under the care of his parents alongside his big sister Naomi by their parents of Jewish decent. He schooled up to the high school level where developed strong passion for live streaming.

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Adin’s first live-streaming gig was with a basketball video game platform NBA 2k where he had the chance of meeting Bronny James the son of basketball player Lebron James. It helped him gain more numbers on social media prompting him to start an online dating platform e-date before moving on to focus on Twitch.

Due to the name made from his days at NBA 2k, he was able to pull millions of followers to his Twitch account who always watched his streams. Due to the constant attacks from Twitch, because they felt most of his content was violating their rights, he left for Kick which he asserted was more tolerant of content, unlike Twitch.

Adin has been able to make a name for himself Kick as most of his videos normally get high viewership. Recently he was in the news threatening to leave Kick should they fail to employ his colleague content creator Bryan ”Rice gum”. He said should Rumble sign Bryan he would also join him there.

assassination attempt

Adin survived an assassination attempt on his life when he was a teenager, he revealed in an interview on a podcast with Adam Grandmaison. He revealed he was fast asleep when a relative of his who had become deranged due to hard drugs stabbed him on his hand.

He bled profusely and was rushed to the hospital where he had his hand stitched. He reveals the relative was thrown in jail but the situation left him emotionally traumatized.

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ban from Twitch

The Twitch platform which frowned heavily against the usage of homophobic and dirty language on several occasions served Adin with a ban. He was once banned for using the faggot word on his colleague although he later defended his action. He also was banned again for racism and attacking the Jews. After suffering from more than five bans he was removed from the platform.

Adin Ross net worth

Adin Ross net worth is currently $24 million despite his troublesome nature online. He made thousands of dollars during his time at Twitch although the exact figures were disclosed. His youtube channel with over 3 million subscribers also fetches him millions every month despite the unauthorized content he posts sometimes.

He also rakes in millions from endorsements deals with unnamed brands he is affiliated to. He lives in a $ 5 million mansion located inside Los Angeles which features more than five rooms, a pool, and a gym center.

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Some FAQs about Adin Ross

where does adin ross live currently?

He lives in Los Angeles.

who is adin’s girlfriend?

He is dating Pamela Ghherafi.