Ava Caroline Garciaparra: family, Net worth& her parents career in sports


Ava Caroline Garciaparra is the twin of Grace Isabella born to ex-sports personalities Nomar Garciaparra and Mia Hamm.

In our article today, we shall touch on a few things in addition to Ava Caroline Garciaparra net worth, her parent’s career in sports, and her siblings.

Who is Ava Caroline Garciaparra?

Ava is the elderly daughter of retired baseball star Nomar Garciaparra and retired footballer Mia Hamm.

She has a twin sister called Grace Isabella and a younger brother.


Name Ava Caroline Garciaparra
Date of birth March 27, 2007
Age 15 years
ParentsNomar Garciaparra and Mia Hamm
Siblings Grace isabella and Garett Anthony
Occupation Student
Nationality American
Net worthUnknown

Early life

Ava was born on March 27, 2007, to the legendary baseball player Nomar Garciaparra and ex-footballer Mia Hamm.

She was born a twin and she is called Grace Isabella alongside their junior brother Garett Anthony.


Ava is currently schooling in a high school but the name of the school has not yet been revealed to the public due to security reasons.

There is also no confirmed information as to whether she is pursuing a career in sports like her parents.

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Meet her family

Her father

Born Anthony Nomar Garciaparra on July 23, 1973, in California a state in the USA. Normar developed a strong passion for baseball at a very young age with his dad being a mentor to him directing him on how to play.

He represented his school team in several tournaments and through his hard work saw them win many games.

Normar signed his first professional contract with the baseball team Boston Sox in 1996 where his impact was greatly felt on the field of play. His glory was short-lived at a point in Boston due to sustaining a series of injuries. He then resorted to the usage of steroids to heal faster which had sports news outlets castigating him.

Normar at a point became the fan’s biggest foe after failing to shave his hair in a sign of team unity. His reason for that was his fiancé Mia Hamm didn’t allow it due to their upcoming wedding.

He then joined Chicago Cubs on a year deal but couldn’t meet the team’s expectations due to constantly sustaining injuries.

He was then offloaded and signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers where he performed well in most of their games but his performance declined in his last season.

He then joined Oakland Athletic before finally returning to Boston Sox to retire as a player. He had his name inducted into the Cape Cod Baseball league Hall of Fame list.

Since retiring Normar has been working as a baseball analyst under the company ESPN where he usually gives his opinion on matches.

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Her Mother

Born Mariel Margaret Hamm on March 17, 1972, she started playing soccer at a very young age which saw her being featured in her school games.

She had her biggest exposure after being selected to play at the U.S. Olympic festival where she gave off a very splendid performance. Mia helped her school team Tar heels win many tournament games which drew the attention of the USA national team and also football clubs to chase her.

She finally signed up for Washington freedom in 2001 where she was greatly valued due to her strong influence on the field. She hanged her boot in 2004 to focus on family and her charity projects.

She is very active on her Twitter handle MiaHamm where she normally posts pictures of her charity organization Mia Hamm foundation, focused on supporting cord blood transplant patients and also assisting women in sports.

Her sister

Born Grace Isabella Garciaparra on March 27, 2007. She is the twin of Ava. Just like her sister, she is currently enrolled in high school.

Her brother

Born Garrett Anthony Garciaparra in 2012, he is the youngest among three siblings. Much information is not known about him but it’s rumored he is currently in school.

Ava Caroline Garciaparra Net worth

Ava is not working but schooling at the moment so therefore, has no net worth but his father Normar Garciaparra is worth $40 million with her mother Mia Hamm worth $ 10 million.

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Both couples made such huge money from their occupation as sports personalities.

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Some FAQs about Ava Caroline Garciaparra

who are Ava Caroline Garciaparra parents?

She is the daughter of retired baseball player Normar Garciaparra and retired footballer Mia Hamm.

how old is Ava Caroline Garciaparra?

She is currently 15 years and would turn 16 on March 27,2023.

how many siblings does Ava Caroline Garciaparra have?

She has two siblings called Grace Isabella and Garrett Anthony.