Kenyan woman barber claims men come from other nations to get haircuts from her.


According to Kenyan female barber Grace Anne Rieko, men go from the United States, Japan, and Nigeria to get haircuts from her. 
In addition to cutting their hair, Grace dances for her customers. After that, she shares the videos on TikTok.

Grace stated in an interview with Trudy Kitui that men came from all over to receive haircuts because of the popularity of her videos.

I’ve had a lot of business from Ghana, South Africa, Juba, and America. This client of mine travelled from Nigeria only to receive a haircut from me. He insisted that I be his barber while I was at the house. I was in the wrong place then, broke, and thought I had struck gold. Everything turned out okay. He and his spouse arrived, and they gave me cash.” 

Kenyan Woman Hair Cut
Kenyan Woman Hair Cut (Grace)

The single mother of one remarked that although she has difficulties, particularly from other women who are overly protective of their spouses, she ultimately understands that it is simply a business like any other.

In an earlier interview, she revealed that she used to work at a salon but now prefers a barbershop because the males are more laid-back. 

“I used to spend over an hour on women’s heads in the salon, but I just spend around 20 minutes on a client’s head at the barbershop. After doing their hair, they occasionally demanded that I undo it. Working with guys is basic; a man occasionally comes in for a straightforward haircut (KSh 500) and leaves the barbershop with a KSh 6000 bill.” 

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On the other hand, she disclosed that while some guys may arrive at the business with bad intentions, they soon discover that reality differs from their expectations. She has learned how to deal with men who seduce her without losing her dignity.  

Credit: Nairobi Gossip