Kid Rock Net Worth: career, family, divorce, and lawsuit


Kid Rock Net worth is currently estimated to be around $ 150 million made from his hard work as a singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist. The countryside music joins the list of the world’s hottest live band performers who have toured the whole continent with their songs. Beyond his amazing talents, he is also controversial and most of his controversies have made headlines on news portals.

In our article today, we shall look at Kid Rock net worth alongside his career, family, divorce, and lawsuit. Grab yourself a seat as I take you through the life of one of America’s most successful yet controversial singers.

Who is Kid Rock?

Kid is an American countryside singer and rapper who does rap rock and has toured almost the whole continent. He is one of the most booked live band singers and is also a strong Republican member. He has been tagged as a very controversial man due to flouting the law and stepping on people’s toes sometimes.


Real NameRobert James Ritchie
Nickname Kid Rock
Date of birth January 17, 1971
Age 52years
Nationality American
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, and Record producer
Parents Susan and William Ritchie
Sister Jill Ritchie
Partner Kelley South Russell, Jaime King, Audrey Berry
Son Robert James Ritchie Jr.
Grandchild one
YouTube channel@kidrock
Net worth$ 150 million

early life

Kid was born in Michigan state into a very wealthy family with parents owning a very large car dealership conglomerate. He together with his kid sister Jill sometimes worked on their family ranch in their estate. Kid developed a strong passion for music and self-taught himself the handling of musical instruments and also disc jockey.

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He joined the music group The Beast Crew whilst in his teens and toured all across the country with them. Along the line joined Jive Records and released Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast which chalked huge success and made him globally known. It also opened the chance for him t tour all across the country to promote it and build links with other top artists. He then joined Continuum Records where he started releasing rock like songs Kid then brought his album The Polyfuze Method.

Kid along the line mastered his stage performance well and brought his album Devil Without a Cause, which was a huge success in the music space. It sold over a million copies due to having many hits songs on it. Its next album Rock N Roll Jesus topped the Billboard charts as one of the most streamed and most played albums.

Kid then tried his hands at countryside songs and released albums such as Born Free and Rebel Soul. He then released subsequent albums and singles such as Greatest Hits: You Never Saw Coming and “Quarantine”. Kid through his music has been able to headline his one-man shows and also toured all across the European and American continents.

He has also worked with top artists such as Austin Malone and Dolly Paton. Kid Beyond giving fans good countryside and rock music has also played the voice-over in animated movies such as The Simpsons and King of the Hill.

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Jill was born Jill Susanne Ritchie on March 5, 1974, and is the younger sister of Kid Rock. It seems the siblings are on a mission to rule the entertainment industry, while his brother is ruling the music she is also doing it big in the movies. Jill has so far appeared in the movies such as Little Athens, Southland Tales, and Seeing other people.

relationship & Divorce

Kid Rock was in a romantic relationship with Kelley South Russell his high school sweetheart whom they lived together for so many years. The lovebirds had three kids together namely but later DNA test proved two kids out of the three weren’t his. Kid Rock’s biological child was Robert James Jr. After their breakup, Kid Rock took full custody of him which led to a legal banter between him and Kelly.

He had a short relationship with actress Jaime King before moving on to date actress Pamela Anderson. The couple’s relationship was an on-and-off one before finally walking down the aisle in 2006. They dissolved the marriage after three months citing irreconcilable differences and also the mental breakdown Pamela went through when she lost her pregnancy. He is currently dating actress Audrey Berry.


Kid Rock has in the past and present been involved in several controversial issues which some have seen him being charged by the law. He has been tagged as a racist due to his constant display of the Confederate flags during his tours and concerts although he denied it and said he got mad love for his black fans. During his Superbowl performance, he brought a torn America flag an act the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization described as disrespectful to their hustle and toil for the nation.

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Kid was engaged in fisticuffs with singer Tommy Lee who happens to be the ex-husband of his former partner Pamela. The two traded blows at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards which had to take the intervention of their bouncers to separate them. Kid and his band members were charged $35,000 for assaulting three people during their over a photography shoot issue.

kid rock net worth

Kid Rock net worth currently stands at $ 150 million made from million song sales and also sold-out tours and concerts. We can dispute the fact that he is one of the best countryside and metal singers who fans can’t get enough of whenever he mounts the stage. He also rakes in cash from his endorsement deals with American Badass Grill, Coors Original Beer, and Harley-Davidson. These brands pay him millions of dollars for advertisements. All these big brands are the reason Kid Rock net worth keeps going up.

He lives in a $ 2 million mansion in Nashville which has been designed like the White House. The mansion has its gas station, place of worship, and barbering shop to keep him busy and not having moving around always. Looking at Kid Rock net worth it doesn’t come at a surprise.

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Some FAQS about Kid Rock

how long was kid rock and pamela anderson married?

They married for only 3 months.

how many kids does kid rock have?

He has only one son called Robert James Ritchie Jr.