Lord Paper-Some people in the industry have blacklisted me, and they don’t even show me affection.  


Lord Paper-Some people in the industry have blacklisted me, and they don’t even show me affection. Michael Takyi-Frimpong, better known as Lord Paper, is an Afrobeats artist from Ghana. He has stated that he is still coping with the fallout from an explicit s*x scene that was included in his music video nine years ago. 

Remember how the then-rising Lord Paper released a graphic s*x scene in the music video for his song “Ewurama” in 2016?

The music video caused a stir nationwide, with many people disapproving of its direction.

Lord Paper has admitted that nine years after apologizing to the business and learning from the criticism he received, he still carries the weight of his conduct.

During an interview with Metro TV in Accra, Lord Paper expressed his displeasure at being blocked from promoting his music and placed on a blocklist by certain media outlets

The musician emphasized that despite access and interviews from other media outlets to promote his song, he still thinks the industry is not supporting his career.

“The industry isn’t loving or showing me affection. I don’t need to be in your face if the project is excellent, the sector in its entirety. Since some people are loving me, I won’t say everyone. 

I am stating this because I have been to locations to promote my music, and they have refused to let me in. I have also been to locations where I later made friends with some of the staff members, and they have informed me that you have been blocked and that they do not want us to play your songs,” he stated.  

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Although he expressed curiosity about the potential cause of the “hate,” Lord Paper vehemently declared that the explicit s*x scene in his 2016 music video “makes no sense and unfair” to him. 

He claims that since he has made amends, learned from his mistakes, and produced quality music to show his regret, holding him accountable for his conduct in 2016 would be pointless.

I don’t know if it’s still related to the video, but if it is, I feel it’s unfair that I was given so many different kinds of criticism“.

“I returned home, completed my homework, and listened to numerous songs, some of which made a lot of sense. Why do you still use that to judge me? It’s absurd,” he continued.