Ashley Judd Net Worth: career, philanthropic works, family and accident


Ashley Judd net worth is currently estimated around to be around $ 14 million, the legendary actress beyond her acting skills also extends a helping hand to the less privileged. Coming from a family of artists, her career was positively influenced by the environment she grew up in. In our write on showbiztom today we shall look at Ashley Judd net worth and also her career, philanthropic works, family, sexual assault, and accident. Trust me you will love this article after reading it to the end.

Who is Ashley Judd?

Ashley is an American actress and politician who was raised by a singer mother and sister which motivated her to also pursue acting. She has also used her name to assist the less privileged and is a strong democratic member who involves herself in their activities.


Full Name Ashley Tyler Ciminella
Popularly known as Ashley Judd
Date of birth April 19, 1968
Age 55years
Nationality American
OccupationActress, politician
ParentsNaomi Judd and Michael Charles Ciminella
Stepsister Wynonna Judd
Partner Dario Franchitti(m. 2001; div. 2013),Mart Surbeck
Net worth$ 14 million

early life

Ashley was born and raised in Los Angeles to singer Naomi Judd and father Michael Charles Ciminella the youngest of the two kids. She had to relocate to Kentucky when she was still young due to the separation of her parents. Ashley had her basic and tertiary education in Kentucky graduating with a bachelor’s in French.

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Ashley did a few odd jobs before finally trying her hands on acting which her first movie was the Star Trek movie. She had a leading role in Ruby in Paradise which was her breakthrough. Her display in the movie caught the attention of producers who cast her in movies such as Norma Jean and Marilyn, a time to Kill, and high crime.

Ashley’s talent earned him nominations and also the best lead female award alongside the most promising award.

Ashley is a strong democratic member who played a very instrumental role in the election of President ObamaShe has held several party positions and also represented them in several programs. She once made up her mind to contest the Kentucky seat against Senator Mitch McConnell which she had the support of first lady Michelle Obama. She later rescinded her decision citing marital issues.

meet her family

her mother

Born Diana Ellen Judd on January 11, 1946, in the USA she rose from a menial worker to a five-time Grammy winner thanks to her country music. She started with a music group before going solo which she still did marvelously well with it. Her career at a point was slowed down by health issues which made her slow down a bit in her career. Diana died through suicide on April 30, 2022, after battling bipolar for several years and always contemplating ending her life.

her step-sister

As the saying implies that a crab does not beget a bird, Ashley’s elderly step-sister Wynonna took after her mother and also pursued a career in country music. After exiting the group formed with her late mother, she went solo and was still able to give fans mind-blowing country singles. Her single “She Is His Only Need” was one of her biggest singles which topped the music charts. Unlike her step-sister, she is a proud mother of two.

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her ex-husband

Dario Franchitti is a Scotish-born Italian who worked as a motor rider before working in the commentary department. His career was cut after a serious injury sustained whiles racing and he was advised to call it quits.

philanthropic works

Due to her strong passion for gender activities and also people’s health she was appointed the ambassador for UNFPA where she together with other celebrities has travelled to less deprived countries to educate ladies on their mental wellbeing. Ashley also uses her role to preach against the stigmatization of HIV patients and the measures to control it.

sexual assault And accident

Ashley Judds joins the list of women who have come out to accuse Harvey Weinstein of attempted rape in the past. Due to that Harvey peddled falsehood against making her lose a role in Lord of the Rings movie. The Judge who sat on the case later dismissed it. She is a rape survivor who has been sexually assaulted on three different occasions resulting in an unwanted pregnancy. Thanks to legal and safe abortions she was able to terminate as she wasn’t ready to be a mother.

Ashley had a serious accident during one of her trips in the Congo rainforest which almost led to her leg being amputated. She was put in intensive care in South Africa which the medical professionals did their best for her to recover.

ashley judd net worth

Ashley Judd net worth comes from her acting and also her endorsement deal with Estee Lauder where she worked as the company’s spokesperson and also marketed their products. She lives in a $ 12000 mansion and uses much of her wealth to support charity courses. Ashley is rumored to be having investments in real estate although she has never come out to deny nor confirm it. Regardless of everything Ashley Judd net worth is big.

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Some FAQs about Ashley Judd

does ashley judd have kids?

No she never had children of her own.

who is ashley judd current partner?

She is rumored to be dating Mart Surbeck.