Biden challenges Trump to engage in audience-free debates. 


 Biden challenges Trump to engage in audience-free debates. According to The New York Times, President Joe Biden suggested two dates for a debate with former President Donald Trump on Wednesday morning, along with a set of restrictions that included no live audience.

Although the president declared he would not participate in an event organized by the Commission on Presidential Debates, Biden proposed that he and Trump square off in two televised debates, one in June and one in September, as the New York Times reported. To minimize the impact of in-person viewers, the president stated that he preferred to have the debates conducted in a television studio rather than in front of a live audience.

“I defeated Donald Trump in two of our 2020 debates. He hasn’t appeared for a debate since then. He seems to want to debate me once more right now. “Well, brighten my day, friend, I’ll even do it twice,” Biden stated at a debate on Wednesday.

“So let’s choose some dates, Donald. I understand you’re available on Wednesdays,” the president said, implying Trump’s court dates.

Biden challenges Trump to engage in audience-free debates. 

Later on Wednesday morning, Biden announced that he had “received and accepted” CNN’s invitation to a debate set for June 27. He then informed Trump that he was available “anywhere, any time, any place.” The first general election debate was put in motion when Trump also accepted the invitation. 

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Biden challenges Trump to engage in audience-free debates. 

Then, just before noon, Biden declared that he had “received and accepted” an invitation from ABC to participate in a discussion set for September 10. Trump also took the ABC offer. 

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According to the NYT, Biden’s proposed debate schedule also includes exclusive requests for networks to host the 2020 Democratic and 2016 Republican primary debates 2020. Some of these networks are CNN, ABC News, Telemundo, and CBS News.

The chair of the Biden campaign, Jen O’Malley Dillon, stated in a letter seen by the NYT that “there should be firm time limits for answers, and alternate turns to speak — so that the time is evenly divided and we have an exchange of views, not a spectacle of mutual interruption.”

“To encourage compliance with the rules and well-organized procedures, a candidate’s microphone should only be activated during his or her designated speaking time,” she went on. 

According to the New York Times, the Biden team also stated in a letter that they intended to limit the event to two contenders, leaving out independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy. Kennedy could clear the 15% polling requirement, which must be on stage if the Commission on Presidential Debates was in charge of the debates.

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Biden challenges Trump to engage in audience-free debates.
Biden challenges Trump to engage in audience-free debates.

In response to the suggestion, Trump agreed to the event’s time in a statement on Truth Social.

Despite Biden’s purported fear of crowds, Trump stated, “I would strongly recommend more than two debates and, for excitement purposes, a huge venue.” That is merely a result of his ignorance of them. Let me know when, and I’ll be there. “Let’s prepare to Rumble!”

In addition to Biden’s suggested forums, the former president announced on social media that he had consented to participate in a Fox News debate scheduled for October 2. 

Following the former president’s admission in an interview with Howard Stern that he was interested in debating, the Trump campaign has urged Biden to take on the former president. (RELATED: Biden Campaign Is Quiet While Trump Openly Challenges Debate)

Stern remarked, “I’m not sure if you’re going to debate your opponent.”

“Somewhere, I am. I’d be pleased to debate him, I don’t know when,” Biden retorted.

On May 9, Trump retaliated with his own telegram, instructing Biden to schedule a debate.

In a video message posted on Truth Social, Trump remarked, “Let’s set it up right now.” “I’m prepared to travel wherever you may be.”

According to the Washington Post, the Biden team justified their decision to disband the Commission on Presidential Debates by expressing reservations about the initial suggested dates. The letter purportedly stated that the campaign expressed worries about the commission’s capacity to persuade candidates to adhere to its regulations.

In a letter acquired by the Washington Post, Dillon stated, “The Commission’s model of building huge spectacles with large audiences at great expense simply isn’t necessary or conducive to good debates.” “The debates should benefit the American people who watch them on television and at home, not to amuse partisans and donors who attend in person and monopolize debate time with boisterous displays of support or mockery.” 

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Source: Daily Caller