Peace Council: Violence at voter registration is a warning for December.


Violence at voter registration is a warning for December. The National Peace Council has expressed concern about some of the violence that has ensued at some registration centers in the ongoing limited voters’ registration.

According to the Council, violence is a risk to the upcoming general elections in December.

“For us at the Peace Council, whenever an issue like that comes up, like the one that happened, unfortunately, at some part of the Ashanti Region, are early warning signs, you do not downgrade them,” said George Amoh, the Executive Secretary, in an interview with Citi News.

You need to evaluate their ability to influence the December elections carefully. “They are indicators that we need to pay attention, but they shouldn’t depress us,” he said.

Additionally, Mr. Amoh pleaded with the Electoral Commission to take advantage of all available opportunities to guarantee that a greater number of eligible voters register. 

During an Accra press conference, the EC attributed the violence to the failure to use the Ghana Card as the only form of identification.

Dr. Bossman Asare, deputy chair of the Electoral Commission, emphasized the need for a more effective and tranquil registration process.

Instead of using physical confrontations to resolve any disputes or issues regarding applicants’ eligibility, Dr. Asare recommended political party agents use the challenge process. 

Violence At Voter Registration Is A Warning For December. (Jean-Mensa-Chairperson-of-the-Electoral-Commission)

“We have also noticed that some of the disturbances occurring at some of our registration canters are due to the fact that some people are doubting the ages of some of the applicants.”

For this reason, the Commission has been pushing for the elimination of the guarantor system and the use of the Ghana Card, which contains the nationality and date of birth of the card bearers.

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“We hope that applicants will use the Ghana card as the means of identification in the upcoming registration exercise,” he stated.

The European Commission’s support of the Ghana Card as the only identity document seeks to expedite the registration procedure and reduce disputes.