Due to unrest in Kukuom in the Ahafo Region, police arrest Collins Dauda and pursue other individuals.


Police arrest Collins Dauda and pursue other individuals. Alhaji Collins Dauda, the member of parliament for Asutifi South in the Ahafo region, has been arrested by the Ghana Police Service. Others are being sought for their possible involvement in the disturbances that took place at Kukuom in the Ahafo region on Saturday, May 11, 2024, during the ongoing Limited Voter Registration Exercise.

Police Arrest Collins Dauda And Pursue Other Individuals.

The law enforcement agency said in a statement that one person was injured during the disturbance and is presently receiving treatment at the hospital. According to the police, every attempt is made to capture additional suspects related to the crime.

In a related incident, the Ghana Police Service has strongly warned the public in response to recent violations seen at Limited Voter Registration Centres around the nation, stressing how important it is to follow the law during this crucial election period.

We denounce the regrettable incidents that occurred in certain registration locations, such as Cape Coast, Central Region; Kukuom, Ahafo Region; and Adugyama, Ashanti Region,” the Police declared in a statement made public on Sunday, May 12. “Police have made several arrests as investigations continue.”

The Police reminded the public of their civic duty, emphasizing the need to uphold decorum and respect for the election process. The Police statement stressed that “the registration exercise is a civic responsibility that must be attended to civilly.” “We would like to caution the public to exercise maximum restraint and act by the registration process laws.”

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With the statement, “Police will not tolerate any disregard of the law, and any persons who engage in such acts shall be dealt with accordingly,” the Police reaffirmed their unwavering stance on upholding the law.

The Police emphasized the significance of maintaining law and order in the run-up to the elections to guarantee an impartial and open voting process.

Credit: Pulse.gh