Manchester United Women won their first trophy.


Manchester United Women won their first trophy. Manchester United Women defeated Tottenham Hotspur 4-0 in the FA Cup final on Sunday to win their first trophy since the team’s 2018 reorganization.

Ella Toone gave United the lead shortly before the break. Still, Rachel Williams and Lucia Garcia’s goals in the second half earned United a legendary status for their ruthless and all-encompassing performance. Enjoying their first season beneath the Wembley stands, Spurs found it difficult to contain the attacking talent available and needed help to muster a counterattack.

This is the first title since United’s 13-year reunion in 2005 and the first since INEOS acquired the team earlier this year.

While Marc Skinner decided to tinker with the team that salvaged a point in injury time, bringing in four new faces involving veteran striker and former FA Cup winner Rachel Williams, along with fellow forwards Lucia Garcia and Jayde Riviere, Spurs manager Robert Vilahamn named an unchanged lineup from the pair’s previous meeting.

It was a crazy beginning. Matilda Vinberg of Tottenham broke past United’s defense and attempted a shot, but it went over the crossbar. After the ball was recovered, United surged ahead, with Riviere and Toone cutting through Spurs’ defense to feed Galton in, only for Spencer to make a brilliant save to deny the striker.

In other words, the game is all chances; we are just waiting for that final touch of excellence. Spurs controlled the ball well and created a rhythm in the opening minutes of play, but they have yet to find their bite. They produced their finest effort when United pounced on a misdirected Spurs pass and swaggered forward. Toone excelled in this area, and it was only fitting that the Lioness would break a stifling deadlock in the last minute of injury time in the first half by hammering a magnificent effort into the upper right corner.

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Despite only scoring three goals, the team that had managed thirteen shots on goal by that point deserved to lead. After that, United appeared to be out for blood. They burst out of the traps in the second half, tearing through Spurs’ middle and blitzing down the wings. Soon after the restart, Williams met another inch-perfect pass from Katie Zelem into the box to increase United’s lead. The notion of a job well done was virtually confirmed when Lucia Garcia, a persistent pain in the back for the Spurs defense, took advantage of a howler moment from Spencer.

Anytime Spurs appeared to have the potential to mount a comeback, it would always come via Bethany, England. 

Shortly after United’s third goal, the striker, looking furious as more of his colleagues’ passes went awry, met Amanda Nilden’s header, but it crashed off the underside of the crossbar. Vilahamn turned, and everything calmed down for a while. However, there he was again, taking advantage of another chaotic moment in the six-yard box brought on by Melvine Malard’s cross. The attacker lobbed her shot over Spencer’s extended arms. With fifteen minutes remaining, the trophy was claimed; Spurs could not muster a fightback. 

Manchester United is now aware of it. All they needed was another chance to make up for last season’s misery following their heartbreaking loss to Chelsea the previous year.

Although CEO Jim Ratcliffe could not attend, this is the first trophy for Manchester United Women since their 2018 reorganization and the first for the team’s new INEOS period. The occasion is nearly as momentous. Even goalie Mary Earps was forced to bring up United’s lack of awards when discussing her future last year. Recruiting new players has been a challenging selling point for the team.

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But the restraints are now removed. Williams said this one will lead to more than twelve years after winning the FA Cup the last time. 

Manchester United Women won their first trophy. Image Credit Getty

The Vilahamn revolution is accurate, and for a little while at Wembley, it felt like actual growth. The Spurs were at their finest in this game, showing off fantastic transition and link-up play, like seeing ice melt and seep into all the cracks and crevices. Still, work needs to be done. Passes were required to catch up on their mark, and they gave up possession as quickly as they could recover it. Tottenham was lucky that United did not cause them any harm sooner.

These are the openings. This season, Spurs have only defeated one team in the top half of the Women’s Super League—an improbable but thrilling victory over Arsenal in the North London rivalry. 

Ultimately, United won the match, displaying the incredible calmness of a side better accustomed to this terrain. Spurs’ season appeared to be over the instant Toone executed her strike. It is unpleasant for anyone to go down a goal soon before halftime. However, giving up two more goals in the first thirty minutes following the break puts the finishing touches on the situation.

Spurs were destroyed; their midfield was too frequently exposed, and England was too often attempting to play the hero. Grace Clinton, a midfielder who has been a consistent source of initiative and cutting-edge for Spurs this season, was noticeably absent. Earps never had to intervene to rescue a life.

Spencer’s gaffe, meanwhile, summed up a brief but miserable period that United exploited.

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With three minutes remaining in their inaugural visit to Wembley Stadium, Spurs flags continue to fly in their area, symbolizing hope in this situation.