Casemiro gets scolded by Gary Neville for his part in Leandro Trossard’s goal for Arsenal


Casemiro gets scolded by Gary Neville for his part in Leandro Trossard’s goal for Arsenal over Man United, as the Brazilian fails to play defense again. 

Leandro Trossard’s early goal calmed the Gunners’ concerns even though they were up against a team that most people thought was a must-win on Sunday at Old Trafford.

With Erik ten Hag’s team still beset by injuries and starting their 14th different center-back combination of the year, Manchester United knew they would have a challenging game ahead of them.

Even though they got off to a better start than they did in their 4-0 loss to Crystal Palace on Monday, things immediately went wrong as Trossard poked in after Casemiro found it challenging to advance after a goal kick.

Neville, who insisted that the 32-year-old was not playing out of position, chastised the temporary defender for his part. 

Casemiro gets scolded by Gary Neville for his part in Leandro Trossard’s goal for Arsenal

“Casemiro is going to face a little bit more criticism than he has received recently,” the former United defender stated on Sky Sports. “Excellent performance from Arsenal; those supporters in the corner understand that the last 20 minutes have not been easy.”

“Casemiro has to get up as soon as he passes Amrabat.” Observe his jogging motion; you can see the ball being played. If he doesn’t, he will face consequences. Every good wide player does what Trossard does: to make the diagonal run inside the entire back. Wan-Bissaka is taken off guard, and the final goal is straightforward. 

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Casemiro gets scolded by Gary Neville for his part in Leandro Trossard’s goal for Arsenal

Because of Casemiro’s previous experience in the game, he probably saw that the ball had broken and that Havertz needed to get up a little bit faster.

The Brazilian has been filling in at the back since United’s FA Cup semi-final matchup with Coventry on April 21. Despite being captain, his international future was questioned when he was left out of his country’s Copa America team. 

Since then, the Red Devils have given up ten goals in four games, including matches against Burnley, Coventry, and Sheffield United. Casemiro is having difficulty adjusting to a new position.

Casemiro showed up for a short kick before Andre Onana kicked it long, giving Arsenal the lead.

After Arsenal regained possession of the ball, Kai Havertz could go past the rest of the defense while remaining onside. He broke into the box and crossed the ball for Trossard to score.

Neville continued, “Undoubtedly, it won’t be easy for him.” “They said he needed more protection in the studio before, and he has had that.” 

That is a simple mistake. There is no justification for him ambling out, so you must get up faster.

Roy Keane and Wayne Rooney contributed to the goal at halftime and were just as harsh as Neville.

“I’m not even sure he needed to make an angle for the custodian, so I don’t know what he was doing,” Keane remarked. “Why is the goalie taking such an absurd angle, acting as though he can reach it there,” I ask you. 

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I’m not talking about running here. You need to get up the pitch; move your feet. I’m not saying you have to dash like a 100-meter sprinter. He needs to glance across and realize that something is wrong. 

He doesn’t need to present an angle. He makes an angle, but why? Remain on the pitch. This is a challenging enough game. Whatever you have to do, make sure you finish the fundamentals. And they have repeatedly failed to do the fundamental tasks correctly at this time. He needs to get up there; he’s an experienced player. He doesn’t.

‘But that’s the way United’s been playing, so Casemiro will have been working on that,’ Rooney continued. He must thus get up. Onana has to jump up as soon as he kicks the ball.

Wan-Bissaka on the back post follows. It’s challenging because Trossard has been so cunning in coming off his back shoulder. Naturally, it begins with Onana kicking the ball out, and Casemiro needs to get up the pitch, as Roy mentioned.

Credit: Mail Online