Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti admits two Liverpool matches still haunt him


Carlo Ancelotti champions league final of Real Madrid will guide his team into the final at Wembley against Borussia Dortmund with the goal of winning the title for the fifth time in his managerial career.

who is the most successful champions league manager?

The most successful manager in Champions League history is Carlo Ancelotti.

Even though he set a record by winning the trophy six times as a player and coach, he still needs to catch up on two finals. The 64-year-old Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti led AC Milan to a 2005 defeat at the hands of Liverpool in Istanbul in the most dramatic final in history.

Ancelotti was injured during the game, but he was still a member of the Roma team that lost to Liverpool in the 1984 championship. These two games are as much a part of his memories as the glory games, and as such, they serve as his inspiration to pursue more remarkable achievements.

The Istanbul miracle, in which Liverpool won in a shoot-out after trailing 3-0 at the break, serves as a reminder that drama and emotion can play a significant role in any championship game.

It would be Ancelotti’s fifth trophy as manager, while Real Madrid has won 14 times and is aiming for a record 15.

“I’ve felt my greatest positive and negative emotions in this competition,” stated former Chelsea manager Ancelotti.

Carlo Ancelotti champions league final
Carlo Ancelotti champions league final (Getty image)

Carlo Ancelotti fears

“Neither the other final we lost against Liverpool in 2005 [as coach of Milan] nor the [1984] final we lost against Liverpool when I was at Roma can ever leave my memory.” However, there are also a lot of happy recollections. Undoubtedly, passion wins out, which motivates me to continue.

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We’re overjoyed to be participating in another final. We want to wait as long as possible for the nerves to show. We must take advantage of this incredible match, the most beautiful of the year and the most beautiful to witness.

In the face of the contemporary tactician and coach, Ancelotti is the quintessential man manager with his levelheadedness and composed demeanor. Because he has created a winning machine at the Bernabeu, he is incredibly well-liked by his teammates.

Nonetheless, Ancelotti maintains that he has changed as a coach and that tactics that were effective a few years ago would be ridiculed in any locker room today. Ancelotti also emphasized the importance of unity, teamwork, and balancing youth and experience, with more seasoned players like Toni Kroos and Luka Modric leading the younger players.

He declared: “Learning never stops because football and life both change and staying current is essential.” Developing relationships and exchanging ideas with coworkers is also crucial. Everyone would think me an idiot if I suggested coaching the way I did twenty years ago because training and methods change, and you have to adapt to the times.

This season, the team’s primary qualities have been focus, teamwork, and a united mindset. Despite some early setbacks, the season has been fantastic, and the team’s cohesion and expertise have helped us overcome every obstacle.

The younger players’ incredibly high caliber and the elder players setting an example are balanced. This has enabled our club to get through this transition period, which we continue to be in.

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“Nacho was raised here. He was a product of that generation, having come through the young team. Although he was only sometimes a first-choice player, he could further define himself each year and eventually rose to the position of captain. He is a beautiful illustration of professionalism and dedication.

Like Luka Modrić, Tony Kroos is still a formidable force in the game. Even while we may be depending on them a little less now that the younger players have joined the team, they are still critical members. Quality matters more than quantity these days, and they’ve both had fantastic seasons.

the bottom line of carlo ancelotti champions league final

In addition, Ancelotti praised Borussia Dortmund and stated that their journey to the championship highlights how formidable of a rival team they will be. “First of all, they deserve to be in the final because they had some amazing performances in the previous rounds, defeating outstanding teams like Paris and Atlético de Madrid,” he continued.

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