David Dobrik Net Worth: career, marriage, divorce and legal charges


David Dobrik net worth is currently $ 20 million making him one of the highest earners on YouTube after MrBeast and Pewdiepie. He usually uses his channel to share his views on current issues and gets a billion views on his videos. We shall look at David Dobrik net worth in addition to his career, marriage, divorce, legal charges and sexual molestation. Relax in your lazy chair as I give you a brief insight into the life of the young controversial Youtuber.

Who is David Dobrik?

David Dobrik is a Slovakia/Hungarian youtuber who has found a settlement in the USA with his works getting over a billion views on YouTube notwithstanding the controversies he is involved in.


Full Name David Julián Dobrik
Also known as David Dobrik
Date of birthJuly 23, 1996
Age 26years
Profession Youtuber, Podcaster
Nationality American
Ex-partner Lizza Koshy(2015-2018)Lorraine Nash
​(m.2019; div.2019)
YouTube channelDavidDobrik
Net worth$ 20 million

early life

David was born into a family of three to a Slovakian father and a Hungarian mother but relocated to the USA with his parents at a very young age where he had all his education. During his school days, he was a very instrumental player in his school tennis team and he represented them at several big games.

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Being a video enthusiast, he started working with the video-sharing platform Vine where he was able to learn all the necessary techniques for creating videos. After finding his feet, he left and established his YouTube channel.

Due to his entertaining content, he was able to get a lot of subscribers and also won several prestigious awards due to his hard work. David was featured in several top magazines and also appeared on several big television platforms who were marvel at his style on YouTubing.

marriage and divorce

David dated fellow YouTuber Liza Kosh in 2015 which they were both popular for frequently posting each other on social media. The young couple called it quits after three due to their busy schedules which was hindering them from spending time together. Regardless of their breakup they still maintain a very good relationship and respect each other’s craft.

He then married his best friend Josh Nash’s 75-year-old mother Lorraine Nash in 2019 but divorced after one month terming it a prank

sexual molestation and legal charges

David was accused of being a mastermind of a gang rape incident involving his Vlog Squad on a lady who was put under the influence of alcohol. Despite denying all the accusations, big brands that worked with him pulled out as they felt it was badly affiliating with him. He then stepped down from his photo app company Dispo.

His former Vlog Squad member Seth also accused him of a kissing prank pulled on him without his approval. David then did a video to apologize to him. His former Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek also sued him for a whopping $ 10 million after a prank gone which resulted in him sustaining life-threatening injuries.

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David Dobrik net worth

David Dobrik net worth is speculated to be around $ 20 million no wonder he makes the list of richest Youtubers. Due to having over a billion views on his videos, it fetches him millions every month. Before his rape case, David was the brand ambassador for HelloFresh, DoorDash, and Spark Capital who paid him millions due to the huge media following he had. They later had to terminate the contract after the rape charges were pressed against him.

He launched his cologne brand David’s perfume which is doing marvelously well in the market space. David also owns a pizza joint called Doughbrik’s Pizza which is also doing well in the food industry since its opening in 2022. He lives in a $ 9.5 million mansion in Los Angeles and drives a fleet of exotic cars.

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Some FAQS about David Dobrik

who is david dobrik current girlfriend?

David has remained tip lipped about who he is dating currently but rumors has it that he is dating influencer Corinna kopf.

is david dobrik still friends with jeff witteck?

No Jeff revealed he is no longer on talking terms with David