Drake’s Toronto residence is being investigated by police.


Drake’s Toronto residence is being investigated by police for the shooting of a security guard. Authorities announced on Tuesday that a security guard whom Drake employed at his Toronto, Canada, house had been shot.  

When police arrived at the residence on Tuesday at around two in the morning local time, they discovered a seriously injured guy who was rushed to the hospital, according to Toronto Police Inspector Paul Krawczyk, who spoke at a press conference. 

Authorities said that the security guard was shot as he was working outside the home’s gate. He is still in critical condition at the hospital. 

Krawczyk added that the artist’s team is in contact with the authorities and is assisting with the inquiry, but he would like to comment on whether Drake was present at the property at the time of the incident.

Journalists questioned Krawczyk whether the shooting was related to the recent dispute between Drake and fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar. Krawczyk responded that no cause had been identified as of yet. He said that several individuals were engaged, drove away from the scene and that detectives were looking over the incident’s video.  

He is among the all-time best-selling recording artists. The Recording Industry Association of America honored Drake, a five-time Grammy Award winner and hitmaker with songs including “Nice For What,” last year for being the first artist to sell over 200 million copies. 

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Representatives for Lamar were not immediately available

Credit: CNN