judge postpones Trump classified documents.


judge postpones Trump classified documents. The trial of former President Trump over confidential documents arising from Special Counsel Jack Smith’s probe has been rescheduled, but a new date has yet to be set.

Citing critical difficulties involving classified information that would need to be resolved before the federal criminal case against former President Donald Trump proceeds to a jury, Judge Aileen Cannon has indefinitely postponed the former President Trump’s classified materials trial in Florida. 

Cannon canceled the May trial date in an order on Tuesday without providing a new date. Even though Trump was in criminal court in New York on Tuesday for his hush money trial, Cannon’s action means that the other three criminal cases against him do not yet have a trial date scheduled. 

Cannon’s order prolongs the classified papers trial indefinitely, bringing it closer to the 2024 election and possibly beyond.  

The judge’s new schedule outlines all of the legal issues that Cannon needs to resolve before a jury can hear the case. According to Cannon, the procedure will be finished by at least late July this year. 

As she stated in her Tuesday order, Cannon has not yet decided on eight substantial pending motions. She restated her belief that the case’s claims of national security mishandling “present novel and difficult questions.” 

Prosecutors pressed for a July trial date, but Trump and his co-defendants suggested dates in August and September. Even though all parties acknowledged the case wouldn’t be ready to go before a jury in May, prosecutors persisted. This is despite the fact that Trump’s legal team has consistently claimed in court documents that a trial before the election would be “unfair.” 

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The two federal charges against Trump may collide due to the trial’s additional postponement.  

The former president is accused of committing crimes to overturn the results of the 2020 election in Washington, DC. The action, which was also initiated by the team of special counsel Jack Smith, has been placed on hold while the Supreme Court deliberates over Trump’s assertions of broad immunity. The court is anticipated to rule by July. 

In the Florida case, Trump is accused of mishandling secret materials and collaborating with Walt Nauta and Carlos De Oliveira, two other defendants, to hinder the Justice Department’s probe. They have all entered not-guilty pleas. 

In her revised scheduling order, Cannon announced that she would schedule a hearing about what was thought to be Trump’s long-shot request for documents from the Biden administration.

The hearing is set to begin on June 24 and run for three days. 

Cannon’s action is a significant victory for the presumed Republican presidential contender in 2024. The legal proceedings will allow Trump and his legal team to promote illogical ideas regarding the prosecution, such as the claim that political motivations drive it. 

Smith’s lawyers have fiercely refuted claims of political prejudice and argued that the hearing was needless and unwarranted. 

In addition, Cannon set a hearing for June 21 to address Trump’s allegations that Smith was appointed illegally. 

In his request for documents from the Biden administration, Trump claimed that he was entitled to a wide range of records from several government agencies, including the White House of President Joe Biden since he believed such institutions were essential prosecution team members. 

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Smith’s office retorted that the defense attorneys’ arguments had fallen well short of the high bar for convening such a proceeding, that Trump’s claims were “baseless,” and that the discovery request was “frivolous.”
Source: CNN