Joe Torre net worth: career, divorce, health problem, and sibling’s death


Joe Torre net worth as of 2023 stands at $ 60 million made from his many years as a baseball player and also manager. Showbiztom aside Joe Torre net worth would also give you a gist of his career, divorce, health problem, and sibling’s death. Trust me when I tell you it wouldn’t be a boring article for you

Who is Joe Torre?

Joe is a retired baseball player who after many years of seeing it all branched into managerial and administrative roles and has had his name included in the Hall of Fame list.


Full Name Joseph Paul Torre
Also known as Joe Torre
Date of birthJuly 18, 1940
Nationality American
Occupation Retired baseball player, coach, writer and actor
Partner Jackie (div) Dani(div) Alice(current)
Children Michael, Lauren, Cristina& Andrea
SiblingsFrank, Rocco, Marguerite, Rae
Net worth $ 60 million

Early life

Joe was born and raised in New York into a family of five who all lived under the same roof with their parents. He grew up to witness the brutal nature of his father and the ill-treatment he meted on his mum. He was inspired to start playing baseball by his big brother Frank who had already begun playing.

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Playing Career

He signed his first professional contract with Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves in 1960 where he was very influential on the field of play making him pick the Player of the Month awards on two different occasions and also the gold glove award. He had a batting record of .344,.312, and .382. He was later traded off due to a dispute with the Vice president of the team Paul Richards over an increment of player’s pension benefits.

He then joined St. Louis Cardinals where he put up a good performance from the start but flopped during his last days which saw been traded to New York Mets.

He retired just two years after joining the team despite putting up a very splendid performance.

Managerial career

Joe was then given the managerial role at the New York Mets after retiring but was sacked after four years due to his abysmal performance and not being able to make any impact there.

He then joined the Atlanta Braves where he bounced back helping the team win several games but was later sacked for not being able to win a cup. He then went to St. Louis Cardinal to coach before heading to New York Yankees.

At the Yankees, he served there for eleven years and won the best manager award on several occasions due to how he was able to give his players the correct tactic to win matches.

He then headed to the Los Angels Dodgers where he managed them for only two years and later resigned.

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Acting career

Joe beyond the game of Baseball has also been featured in television projects such as ”Taking care of business”, ”Cosby” and ”Analyze that”.

Marriage and divorce

Joe is a two-time divorcee with four kids, he is currently married to Alice Woltherman with whom they have one daughter.

Sibling’s death

Joe behind the smiles on screen has one of the saddest stories as all his four siblings are currently dead with him being the only surviving member.

His big sister Rae who worked with the telephone company all her life and was also supportive in his career passed away in 2015.

He lost his mentor and big brother Frank who also doubled as an ex-baseball to heart and kidney-related issues in 2014. Frank was the one who triggered Joe’s interest in baseball and also guided him on the field of play.

His big brother Rocco who worked with the police service also passed in 1996 during Joe’s playing days which was a big blow to him.

His last surviving sibling Marguerite also passed away in 2022. She worked as a tutor and also as a Roman sister serving in the catholic church for more than seven decades.

Health problems

Joe battled severe prostate cancer during his time as manager which made him take a break to undergo treatment. He won the battle and resumed working.

Joe torre net worth

Joe torre net worth is $ 60 million thus wealth accumulated from his days as a player and also a manager where he made millions and invested them in real estate.

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A part of his wealth comes from juicy endorsement deals with brands such as Subway sandwiches, Bigelow tea, Steiner Sports, and J.H Cohn.

Joe also takes royalties from his books on online marketing platforms and charges huge money when billed to speak at a show.

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Some FAQs about Joe Torre

is joe torre a hall fame member?

Yes he was inducted on 27 July,2014.

where are joe torre’s siblings?

All his four siblings are currently dead.

who is joe torre current partner?

She is called Alice Woltherman.