Mandela barnes net worth: career, lingerie party scandal, and gun violence advocacy.


Mandela Barnes net worth is currently estimated at around $ 1 million made from his many years in active politics.

Beyond Mandel Barnes net worth, we shall also talk about his career, lingerie party scandal, and gun violence advocacy.

Who is Mandela Barnes?

Mandela is a black American politician who doubles as a member of the democrat party and has held a few positions.


Full Name Jesse Mandela Barnes
Date of birth 1st December 1986
Age 36years
Occupation Politician
Political Party Democrat
Net worth $ 1 million

Early life

Mandela was born in Wisconsin state to an educationist father who named him after the late South African president Nelson Mandela due to his love for his patriotism. His father saw him through school right from the basic to University level graduating with a first degree in communication.

During his school days, he was a very vocal person who spoke about issues bothering the black community.


Mandela then decided to pursue a career in politics and public speaking as he idolized ex-president Obama when he was a little boy. He then began his working career by working with several political bodies before contesting for a member of the Wisconsin state assembly seat.

He was able to defeat his opponent due to his smart campaign messages that was in favor of the people. During his time as a member of the Wisconsin state assembly, he advocated against the usage of guns in his state, a law which led to hunters criticizing it. His reason for detesting guns was because of losing a friend through them, he later listened to the plea of the hunters and changed the law.

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Mandela then fought for the cancellation of cash bail but later rescinded his decision as it would have caused problems for the judicial service. He then decided to contest for the Wisconsin senate seat to make some changes in his state and impact lives.

During the campaign period, he and incumbent member Lena Taylor threw shots at each other with Mandela spreading false rumors about her. He, unfortunately, lost in the primaries to her .

He then bounced back and won the Lieutenant Governor seat in Wisconsin defeating his contenders and emerging youngest as of that time to hold such a position. He received a lot of backlash for having many security personnel around him anytime he was moving. They believed his security personnel around him was incurring a huge cost to the nation as they were been paid more than $500 daily. His aide later came to defend him saying it was the legislative body that gave him that security.

Mandela then decided to contest the USA senate against Ron Johnson which resulted in back-and-forth throwing of jabs at each other. The two went on a national debate which was broadcasted on television with both sharing their views and plans for the country when elected.

Mandela had adequate financial funding with an endorsement from his political idol ex-president Obama who embarked on a campaign to support him. At the end of the voting, Ron Johnson won the seat.

lingerie party scandal

Mandela Barnes was once involved in a lingerie party hosted by him in 2009 which pictures circulated on social media when he was contesting for the senate seat. He later came out to defend the act tagging it as immature on the side of the Republicans.

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Gun violence advocacy

Mandela has always been against gun violence due to having history of losing a friend out of it. During his time as a member of the Wisconsin state assembly, he supported a bill that called for it ban.

Mandela barnes net worth

Mandela barnes net worth is currently estimated at around $1 million made from his active years in politics.

During his time of contesting the USA senate seat, he disclosed having assets of $ 5,005 and $75,000 with investments worth $1,001 and $15,000.

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Some FAQs about Mandela Barnes

who is mandela barnes girlfriend?

Details about his private life isn’t available to the public and there hasn’t pictures of any woman around him.

did he win the senate seat?

No he lost to Ron Johnson of the Republic party.

Does mandela barnes have kids?

No he doesn’t have kids of his own.