Michael Oher Net Worth: career, retirement, height, family


Michael Oher net worth currently according to many media rankings stands at $ 16 million made from his active days as a footballer and also his books written. Some believe the retired footballer could have accumulated enough wealth hadn’t been for the series of injuries sustained in his career. We shall beyond Michael Oher net worth also look at his early life, career, retirement, height, family, and feud with the blind side producers. Relax in your lazy chair as showbiztom takes you through this exciting piece.

Who is Michael Oher?

He is a retired American footballer whose enviable career was halted due to injuries that couldn’t allow him to deliver as expected. Also, his poor academic performance was almost a big hindrance to his being selected for the NCAA program.


Full NameMichael Jerome Williams Jr.
Known as Michael Oher
Date of birth May 28, 1986
Profession Retired Footballer, Author
Height 1.93 m
Parents Michael Jerome Williams and Denise Oher
Wife Tiffany Roy
Kids Kobi, MJ, Kierstin and Naivi
Net worth $ 16 million

early life

Michael was born on May 28, 1986, in Memphis city into a very large family. Unfortunately, his both parents lived very deviant lifestyles with his mother being a very strong addict and his father whose bad attitude always landed him in cells. Due to that Michael and his didn’t get the chance to experience real parent’s love and also received enough discipline e when growing up.

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Despite he is a talented person in the field of play, Michael wasn’t academically intelligent which saw him always score low grades in school. Michael’s parent’s absence in his life caused him to raise by strangers who made sure he had the best education despite not been able to produce good grades.

career and retirement

Michael began his football career in his high school days where he played a very good performance on the field of play winning the best player on several occasions. His low GPA score almost shuttered his football dreams hadn’t been for the timely intervention at Brigham Young University which took him through rigorous online studies making him score grades.
He had multiple scholarships from colleges but later opted for Ole Miss Rebels where he was included in the first selection and was instrumental in their games. The icing on the cake was Michael’s academic improved tremendously and started making good grades in Ole. He later graduated with a very good GPA in Criminal Justice.

Michael signed his first professional contract with Baltimore Ravens for a mouth-watering amount of 13.8 million dollars in 2009 for five years. Despite being marked for greatness in his professional career, Michael was greeted with a series of injuries causing his position as a right tackle to change to left tackle. Regardless of the setbacks he was through his five-year tenure able to win the Super Bowl ring award after his team defeated San Francisco in a tournament.

Michael then joined Tennessee Titans in 2014 on a four-year deal but was later dropped after a year after being hit with injuries. He then signed for Carolina Panthers in 2015 with the team’s management having full hope in him due to records they weren’t bothered by his injury-prone past. Unfortunately, he couldn’t live up to expectations and was dropped off the team after two years.

Michael announced his retirement from the NFL game in 2017 at the age of 30 after failing a physical at Carolina Panthers


Michael Oher has a height of 1.93 m.

feud with the blind side producers

Michael wasn’t pleased with the producers of the blind side movie as he felt most of the stories broadcasted about him were untrue. He said due to the many untrue information in the movie, it affected his career negatively. Quinton Aaron who played the Oher character in the movie also came out to respond that Michael should look at the positive aspect of the movie and also acknowledge the fact that he is now successful.


Michael is married to businesswoman and humanitarian Tiffany Roy who owns a boutique where all kinds of clothes are sold. She also manages the Oher foundations which seeks to assist the needy and less privileged people. The couple is blessed with four children namely Kobi, MJ, Kierstin, and Naivi.

michael oher net worth

Michael Oher net worth currently sits at $ 16 million despite a short-lived career, Michael signed many million-dollar contracts during his prime with the most notable ones being the 13.8 million with Baltimore Ravens. He later signed a $ 20 million and $ 7 million contract with both Tennessee Titans and Carolina Panthers respectively. With all these earnings no wonder Michael Oher net worth stands tall even after retirement

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He also signed a multimillion deal with AirTran Airways during the early stages of his career. Michael makes thousands of dollars too from his books When your back’s Against the wall and I beat the odds: from the homeless to the blind side. He lives in a $ 1.3 million mansion in Brentwood with his family.

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Some FAQS about Michael Oher

what does michael oher do now?

He uses his foundation Oher foundation to empower the youth and also support the poor.

who played the michael oher character in blind side movie?

It was played by actor and singer Quinton Aaron.