What Happened to Carl Azuz? Discover The Truth


Many people tweeted inquiring, “What happened to Carl Azuz?”

The very talented and renowned American journalist of all time, Carl Azuz is in high talk. But hey there, have you heard the latest rumors around him? Did Carl Azuz permanently retire from his age-old journalism career? Is he bailed from his anchor duties? Did he quit CNN 10? Well, there are a bunch of questions out there and we can’t wait to answer all of them in one go. It seems like Carl Azuz voluntarily decided to take a leave from CNN 10!

He had a pretty long journey at the student’s news show and in one word he was excellent at his job! His presence has been filled up by Coy Wire but the audience is highly sad over the permanent departure of Carl Azuz. But the main question remains the same, Why did Carl Azuz decide to quit his long-term news show? What happened to Carl Azuz the renowned American journalist? Is he depressed about something?

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Who Is Carl Azuz?

Carl has worked as a news anchor on CNN. Azuz was brought up in Roswell, Georgia, despite being born in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2004, he earned a degree in communications arts production from the University of Georgia.

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After graduating, Azuz started working as a freelance journalist for CNN. He began working for CNN as a writer in 2006 and later rose to the position of anchor for CNN Student News, a show for middle and high school students. Azuz started hosting “CNN 10” in 2013, a daily news program geared at a younger audience.

What Happened to Carl Azuz?

This happens to be the most asked question out there, Carl Azuz’s fans are constantly tweeting the same. Don’t yet get shocked as the next rumor might give you a bit more panic attack! Guess what, people are assuming Carl Azuz is dead! Yes, you heard it right, The audience is kept in an illusion, they think Carl Azuz has not left the news show, but the popular anchor has said goodbye to the whole world. Is Carl Azuz truly dead? Are the rumors accurate? Well, before the rumors get too serious, let me break the bubble for you, Carl Azuz is very much alive!

Yes, audience, the rumors are not true, You can relax for now as Carl Azuz is still living his life decently. Carl Azuz is not a social person! He is highly private and that’s the main reason why we have very little information on Carl Azuz. Sources say he voluntarily decided to leave his job at CNN but what exactly triggered his decision is yet not known to us. From being a notorious kid in class to becoming a popular media anchor, it has been an incredible journey for Carl. He still couldn’t believe the fact that he had spent 14 long years at the CNN network. His time at CNN has surely come to an end but that doesn’t mean he will take a permanent retirement from his long-standing journalism career.

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Why Did Carl Azuz Leave His Job?

Carl Azuz is under our analysis. The famous media personality left the news show around September 2022. His departure news from CNN 10 officially came on 18th September 2022. The exact reason behind his removal from CNN 10 is still not known to us. Many say he was facing some internal issues with the CNN network. The majority say he was not happy at his job. People also assume Carl Azuz is struggling with depression and anxiety. Well, a bunch of rumors surfaced out there and we can’t wait to see what lies in store for Carl Azuz.

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What Happened To Carl Azuz? – FAQs

Is Carl Azuz Hospitalized?

No, according to our estimates, Carl Azuz is not hospitalized.

Has Coy Wire Replaced Carl Azuz?

Yes, the rumors are accurate, Coy Wire has joined CNN 10, and the renowned footballer has replaced the long-time anchor of the show, Carl Azuz.