Tottenham hotspurs supporters rejoice after Erling Haaland’s goal.

  • A few Tottenham fans rejoiced over Manchester City’s first goal.
  • Spurs supporters were spotted celebrating Erling Haaland’s score with a Poznan.
  • Manchester United ought to demolish Old Trafford, construct a stadium akin to Tottenham’s, and play its home games at Wembley for two years.

Tottenham hotspurs supporters rejoice after Erling Haaland’s goal. As some home fans performed the Poznan in the stands, some Tottenham supporters seemed jubilant after Erling Haaland’s goal gave Man City the lead over Spurs in Tuesday’s Premier League match.

The build-up to the game Talk about whether Spurs intended to defeat City knowing that defeating Pep Guardiola’s team would allow rivals Arsenal to win the Premier League title on the last day of the season dominated the game.

At the beginning of the second half, Haaland scored the game’s first goal after latching onto Kevin de Bruyne’s cutback. This set off loud celebrations among City supporters, with some Spurs supporters also joining in.

Cameras captured Tottenham supporters participating in the well-known “Poznan” celebration, which involves them turning to face the pitch and leaping up and down.

‘Stand up if you hate the Arsenal’ was chanted across the stadium following the scoring.

Tottenham Hotspurs supporters rejoice after Erling Haaland’s goal.(Getty Image)

After Haaland’s 51st-minute strike, his 26th Premier League goal of the season, Spurs mainly controlled the game.

Arsenal would have led the English top division into Sunday’s last day of play if they had lost or drawn in London. City needed to take all three available points to put themselves in the driving seat as they attempt to close-in on a record-breaking fourth consecutive Premier League title.

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Conversely, Tottenham sought a dramatic victory that would have forced Aston Villa to concede ground in the Champions League race. If Spurs had lost, Unai Emery’s team would have guaranteed a spot in the top four.

Ange Postecoglou, the manager of Tottenham, rejected any notion that his supporters wanted City to prevail, saying in the build-up to the game on Sky Sports: I’ve just always thought that it doesn’t matter what you’re doing in a competition you want to win. I am figuring out how I interpret it. 

Credit: MailOnline