Top 100 Richest CEOs


The top 100 richest CEOs in the world collectively hold wealth worth $4,242.8 billion, Forbes has revealed. Upon a quick analysis of the list, here are some quite interesting facts that Showbiztom has gathered.

Below is a list of the top 100 richest CEOs, successful and talented CEOs who own and run businesses around the world. There are some familiar faces from companies such as Berkshire Hathaway, Tesla, Amazon, and Alibaba alongside lesser-known CEOs who are forging new paths and delivering phenomenal results for their businesses. Well-known or unknown, each CEO on our Top 100 Richest CEOs is special and they all share a common trait: Success.

list of the top 100 richest cEOs

1Bernard Arnault $235.8 BFrance
2Elon Musk$171.8 BUnited States
3Jeff Bezos$132.8 BUnited States
4Larry Ellison$118.4 BUnited States
5Warren Buffett$114.6 BUnited States
6Bill Gates$111.8 BUnited States
7Francoise Bettencourt Meyers $95.3 BFrance
8Carlos Slim Helu $95.0 BMexico
9Steve Ballmer$95.0 BUnited States
10Michael Bloomberg$94.5 BUnited States
11Larry Page$92.5 BUnited States
12Sergey Brin$88.6 BUnited States
13Mukesh Ambani$87.1 BIndia
14Mark Zuckerberg$84.9 BUnited States
15Amancio Ortega$83.0 BSpain
16Jim Walton$63.5 BUnited States
17Zhong Shanshan$63.4 BChina
18Rob Walton$62.2 BUnited States
19Alice Walton$61.3 BUnited States
20Julia Koch $59.0 BUnited States
20Charles Koch$59.0 BUnited States
22David Thomson $58.2 BCanada
23Michael Dell$53.6 BUnited States
24Gautam Adani$48.3 BIndia
25Phil Knight $47.7 BUnited States
26Zhang Yiming$45.0 BChina
27Dieter Schwarz$44.4 BGermany
28François Pinault $41.5 BFrance
29Giovanni Ferrero$40.2 BItaly
30Klaus-Michael Kuehne$39.6 BGermany
31Jacqueline Mars$38.3 BUnited States
31John Mars$38.3 BUnited States
33Li Ka-shing$37.7 BHong Kong
34Miriam Adelson $37.7 BUnited States
35Tadashi Yanai$36.4 BJapan
36Ma Huateng$36.3 BChina
37Mark Mateschitz$35.9 BAustria
38Ken Griffin$35.0 BUnited States
39Robin Zeng$34.4 BHong Kong
40Len Blavatnik$32.5 BUnited States
41Gerard Wertheimer$31.6 BFrance
41Alain Wertheimer$31.6 BFrance
43Rafaela Aponte-Diamant$31.3 BSwitzerland
43Gianluigi Aponte$31.3 BSwitzerland
45Reinhold Wuerth $30.7 BGermany
46Low Tuck Kwong$30.5 BIndonesia
47Lee Shau Kee$29.7 BHong Kong
48MacKenzie Scott$29.5 BUnited States
49Germán Larrea Mota Velasco$29.1 BMexico
50Jeff Yass$28.5 BUnited States
51William Lei Ding$28.3 BChina
52Stephen Schwarzman$28.1 BUnited States
53Jim Simons$28.1 BUnited States
54Gina Rinehart$26.9 BAustralia
55R. Budi Hartono$26.7 BIndonesia
56Stefan Quandt$25.6 BGermany
57Michael Hartono$25.5 BIndonesia
58He Xiangjian$25.4 BChina
59Andrey Melnichenko $25.2 BRussia
60Thomas Peterffy$24.7 BUnited States
61Jensen Huang$24.7 BUnited States
62Shiv Nadar$24.6 BIndia
63Susanne Klatten$24.5 BGermany
64Vladimir Potanin$23.7 BRussia
65Jack Ma$23.7 BChina
66James Ratcliffe$23.7 BUnited Kingdom
67Colin Zheng Huang$23.3 BChina
68Wang Wei$22.9 BChina
69Cyrus Poonawalla$22.9 BIndia
70Iris Fontbona $22.8 BChile
71Emmanuel Besnier$22.7 BFrance
72Thomas Frist Jr $22.7 BUnited States
73Lukas Walton$22.6 BUnited States
74Vladimir Lisin$22.1 BRussia
75Leonard Lauder$21.7 BUnited States
76Masayoshi Son$21.7 BJapan
77Abigail Johnson$21.6 BUnited States
78Leonid Mikhelson $21.6 BRussia
79Takemitsu Takizaki$21.5 BJapan
80Alexey Mordashov $20.5 BRussia
81Vagit Alekperov$20.5 BRussia
82Wang Chuanfu$19.8 BChina
83Qin Yinglin$19.4 BChina
84Andrew Forrest$19.1 BAustralia
85Ray Dalio$19.1 BUnited States
86Wang Wenyin$19.0 BChina
87Daniel Gilbert$19.0 BUnited States
88Eyal Ofer$18.8 BIsrael
89Harold Hamm $18.5 BUnited States
90Gennady Timchenko$18.5 BRussia
91David Tepper$18.5 BUnited States
92Eric Schmidt$18.4 BUnited States
93Savitri Jindal $17.9 BIndia
94Carl Icahn$17.7 BUnited States
95Steve Cohen$17.5 BUnited States
96Stefan Persson$17.5 BSweden
97Rupert Murdoch $17.5 BUnited States
98Donald Bren$17.4 BUnited States
99John Menard Jr$17.4 BUnited States
100Vicky Safra $17.0 BBrazil
List Of The Top 100 Richest CEOs In The World

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The Top 100 Richest CEOs list has been compiled here at Showbiztom by our editorial team based on a wide range of factors, including net worth, company value, public perception, and innovation. But the great thing is that if you disagree then you can comment the name of the CEO you feel is richer and we will check on him or her.